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Up, up, down, down…oh forget it.

Contra: Evolution Review

Instead of creating another entry in the celebrated Contra universe, Konami gave the 1987 arcade original a new coat of paint and released it for iPhone and iPad. Not only does Contra: Evolution feature new visuals, but also the ability to earn experience points and call upon different bullet types using virtual currency. Not exactly the same Contra, but it's still difficult. Conspicuous by its absence is the famous Konami code, but you'll squash enemies with these helpful tips straight from the publisher.


-Touch the bottom left area to control your character's movements. Touch the right bottom area to jump and shoot.

-You can play Mission mode on three difficulties. The hardest one will be the ultimate challenge for your skill.

-When losing life, you will lose the special bullets currently in use. Fight hard to get them back.

-The badge icon indicates the number of lives remaining.

-Receive rewards for logging into the game daily.

-Play Mission mode to get familiar with different stages.

-Use a diamond to revive. Doing this allows you to keep the last bullet type and launch a V Bomb.

-There are many different kinds of bullets in the game. Each has a unique attack pattern.

-In Mission mode, the more eagle badges you get, the more gold you will be rewarded.

-The upgraded Super bullets can defeat powerful bosses.

-The two female Contra soldiers have completely different combat methods. Don't be overwhelmed by their seductive appeal.

-Clear Arcade mode to unlock Ricci. Earn 55 gold eagle badges in Mission mode to unlock Sally.

-You only have one default slot for bullets, while there's no limit for bullets purchased.

-When all lives are consumed, you can use the diamonds or coins to continue playing.

-You can switch off automatic shooting in the Options menu.

-Touch the V bomb to activate a nuclear attack and become invincible for a few seconds.

-Touch the random bullet icon to receive bullet support at the cost of some coins. There's also the chance for a super bullet.

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