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Our complete guide to Mediocre's firefighting physics puzzler.

Since its re-release as a free-to-play title, Sprinkle has shot up the App Store charts and fast become an essential download for any physics puzzle fan. It's been more than a year since we first put the game through its fire-fighting paces for our review, and in 2013 we've become addicted all over again. Here are our top hints and tips for putting out even the more ferocious of fires.


- There are two controls you need to be concerned with in Sprinkle. To change the height of your firefighting device, simply hold down on its tip, then move your finger up and down. However, you'll also have to change the angle of the water flow. You can do this by placing your finger anywhere to the right of the fire engine, then moving it around to readjust the nozzle's direction.

- Don't rush to pump out as much water as possible early on. In some of the harder levels in particulae you'll have to make every last drop of water count. Get your fire hose into position first, then turn on the juice. That way you'll use only the right amount of water for each individual blaze.

- It's much easier to tell when a fire is fully out by using your ears, rather than your eyes. Get a pair of headphones on, and listen very carefully for when the hiss of the fire you're aiming at has vanished completely. Once that happens, you know you can start conserving your water for the next inferno on the level.


- Don't forget that certain objects can be moved using the power of your water jet, and this is often essential for finishing off a level entirely. Be very careful about wasting your precious water here. Again, get the height and angle of the nozzle at least roughly in place before turning the water pumps on.

- When forcing obstacles out of the way, you'll find it much easier to get them up off the ground and moving if you align the nozzle perfectly with the pathway leading towards that object. If you have to feed the water through a carved bit of landscape, make sure the water launches smoothly along the shape of that carved earth. This way you'll get much more lift and power from the torrent of water when it meets the obstacle.

- If you have to move multiple obstacles that are close to one another, make sure you get the biggest obstacle moving first, otherwise you'll need to waste more water on getting a bigger push going against both objects. It's much easier to deal with them individually.


- Even though it's tempting to throw as much water force at an object as possible, sometimes it's better to give just enough juice to get it to its destination, and then hold back. Send it on its way with too much water, and you might find that the sloshing sends it right back to where it was. If you've wasted a lot of your liquid getting this just right, simply restart and apply the right amount of force first time.

- If you're struggling to push the flow of water to a high position on a level, raise your nozzle to the maximum height before launching your torrent. That way your water gains the benefit of gravity before riding its way towards the objective.

- If you see an object marked with a red icon, you can actually grab that object and move it around the screen with a finger press. This can be very important for reaching hard-to-reach fires. Simply move the object into a good position, and then use its surfaces to launch the flow of water at the source of the fire.

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