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All of the best PC games ported to the iPad.

More and more PC games are making the transition to tablet touchscreens in 2013, and the platform's fast becoming a second home for the very best titles. While you can typically expect to pay a little more for these top quality ports, you'll also get a lot more depth and replay value in return. Here's our pick of the very best PC games you can get for your iPad today.

Magic 2013

Magic 2014 is due out on the PC later on this month, and what better way to get warmed up for the new challenge by taking last year's masterpiece on the go with you? As befits a Magic The Gathering game, there are a frightening number of decks to master here, and endless replay value to be enjoyed. This is quite simply the deepest strategy card gaming experience you can enjoy on a tablet.

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Download Magic 2013 (iPad)

Talisman Prologue HD

Games Workshop fanatics will definitely want to make Talisman Prologue a priority download. A perfectly crafted, faithful recreation of the original boardgame, Talisman will suck away every hour you're prepared to give it. New to tabletop gaming? Don't let that put you off for a moment - this is one of the most accessible, yet authentic fantasy boardgaming experiences you can find on the App Store.

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Download Talisman Prologue (iPad)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown was one of our favorite PC games of last year, and its slow but deep tactical gameplay suits touchscreens just as well it does a mouse and keyboard. There are two halves to this particular game. First, you'll need to manage your base, research alien artifacts, and manage your response to an evolving, global alien threat. The real meat of the game is to be found in its tight tactical combat, though - down on the ground, it's your squad against an eerie enemy lurking in the shadows.

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Download XCOM: Enemy Unknown (iPad)


OK, so it was an Xbox Live Arcade title before coming to the PC, but we were still pleased as punch to see Playdead's bleak but gorgeously rendered puzzle platformer hit the App Store last week. Expect a very grim fairytale indeed as you explore Limbo's world, but this is one gaming experience that will stay with you forever.

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Download Limbo (iOS)

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

An oldie but a goodie, Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic made an almost flawless transition from the traditional console and PC platforms to the iPad. In terms of gameplay, depth, and immersion, this title really hasn't aged a bit since its debut in 2003 - the artwork may not be state of the art, but it still has a style that's entirely its own. It'll take you a little white to acclimatize to the touchscreen controls, but a little perseverance is very handsomely rewarded indeed.

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Download Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic (iPad)

Frozen Synapse

The team at Mode 7 are hard at work creating the upcoming Frozen Endzone, but there's still plenty to be enjoyed in Frozen Synapse. Expect crisp minimalist graphics combined with tense tactical gameplay, as you and your opponents plot the next five seconds of action before watching it unfold in horror. There's a lengthy campaign to help you hone your skills, and bags of multiplayer modes to enjoy too. Even better, the game supports cross-platform play, so you can do tactical battle against your friends whatever their platform of choice.

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Download Frozen Synapse (iPad)

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

If ever a game could be described as needing no introduction, it's Mojang's stellar success story Minecraft. For the truly uninitiated, Minecraft gives players a sprawling sandbox world to live in, and a world that can truly be made your own as you carve up the landscape, craft items and blocks, and recycle the world into whatever you want it to be. The tablet version is a very worthy port of the original masterpiece, and content updates continue to arrive at a steady pace.

Download Minecraft: Pocket Edition (iPad)

Little Inferno

Here's what you do in Little Inferno. From a catalog, you purchase precious items to throw into a fireplace and watch them go up in smoke. Burn enough of them and you'll gain currency to buy even more expensive items to chuck into the furnace. This simple, yet absorbing gameplay provides some much needed relief from the relentless money demands of even the most generous freemium mobile games, and the physics engine powering the game is a work of art in itself. No there aren't any in-app purchases...

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Download Little Inferno (iPad)

Might & Magic Clash Of Heroes

From the Nintendo DS to the PlayStation 3, to the PC, there aren't many gaming platforms that haven't enjoyed the awesome tactical match-three gameplay of Might & Magic Clash Of Heroes. That's a good thing too, as the game blends tactical battling with addictive puzzle elements perfectly. Once you've polished off the generous singleplayer campaign, you can can even head into multiplayer to show your skills off to the world.

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Download Might & Magic Clash Of Heroes (iOS)

realMyst / Riven

Old-school adventure fans won't need much persuasion when it comes to picking up these classic PC games. The developers at Cyan Worlds produced perfect ports of two of the biggest games in the Myst series, and we have nothing but high praise for both efforts. If you haven't set a foot in Myst since the 90s, realMyst gives you the chance to explore the world recreated as a true 3D landscape - an unmissable experience.

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Download - realMyst (iPad) | Riven (iPad)


Like Limbo, Bastion first appeared on the Xbox Live Arcade platform, but it was only a month or so until the game found its way to PC. Now you can get stuck into the satisfying action-RPG on your tablet, and enjoy the game's awesome dynamic narration all over again. How good is Bastion on a tablet? Good enough to be named Modojo's Game of the Year 2012.

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Download Bastion (iOS)

Walking Dead: The Game

Telltale's episodic gaming take on the classic Walking Dead comic book series revitalizes the adventure game genre wonderfully, emphasizing story and character development over obscure and frustrating puzzle-solving. Every decision holds a consequence in this mesmerizing tablet game, and you can enjoy the entire first episode absolutely free of charge.

Download Walking Dead: The Game (iOS)

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