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War is hell, but necessary.

War of Nations Cheats and Tips

There is no shortage of touch-screen supported strategy games on iOS, as you've probably dabbled in the likes of Clash of Clans or Modern War. That, however, didn't prevent GREE from offering something new. Its latest effort, the freemium strategy game War of Nations, is certainly worth a look.


It's easy to grasp despite lacking a tutorial. As you get started, you'll begin assembling your base, using a hexagon-shaped hub where you can use your resources - including fuel, iron and oil - to erect buildings and defenses. Being a freemium game, you can pay to speed up the process or simply wait for resources to replenish.

Once you get started, War of Nations picks up considerably. You'll assign units to strike back against other bases, either taking control or destroying them, then creating new allies in the process. At the same time, you'll need to act defensively, as incoming adversaries will try to overtake you as well. It's a matter of keeping things in balance, protecting what's yours while expanding.

War of Nations features a simple touch-screen interface, one where you can keep an eye on your resources as well as the Commanders who you assign certain duties. The better they perform on the battlefield, the more they'll grow and the stronger your army will become. The actual battles aren't as grandiose as we expected and they're usually over in minutes. However, you can relive your victories with cool action replays.

Don't think you'll be overwhelmed when you jump in, though. War of Nations starts out slow with its mission structure. You'll get the hang with ease, then yell out, "Bring them on!" - well, maybe in your head rather than out loud - when it comes to overtaking adversaries and the world.

This game supports community, complete with a chat channel and the ability to form alliances with friends - or even take on a few PvP matches if you're daring enough. That said, GREE could use a little cleanup in this department, as some players are too aggressive. We've been sworn at more than once.

Since it is a freemium game, you'll also need to endure a little patience with War of Nations. If you're not willing to plunk down real cash for resources - ranging from $4.99 all the way to $100 - you'll wait a few hours for more.


Everything else in War of Nations seems to work just right. The gameplay interface is easy to use, whether you're tracking your on-field battles or keeping an eye on reports through a sub-menu. Though the graphics are hardly amazing, they are suitable, allowing you to keep track of your base perimeters while peering out to see what remaining space needs to be dominated. It's easy to manage.

Though its chat is more vulgar than we expected and its "freemium" set-up not for everyone's taste, War of Nations is definitely a must for strategists - especially if you were a fan of GREE's previous titles.

Download War of Nations: iOS

What's Hot:Easy-to-grasp gameplay, working with allies is a lot of fun, good visuals, plenty of room for Commander growth.

What's Not:Freemium set-up may have you spending more than expected, a lack of a tutorial may lose some players, chat channel is worth skipping until GREE cleans it up.


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