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Ten great tips for this superb physics puzzler.

Sprinkle Islands is the perfect sequel to the original game, offering more variety and deeper puzzles, while retaining all of the firefighting fun we fell in love with the first time around. We gave the game a score of 4.5 out of 5 in our review earlier today, now here are our top hints and tips for putting out those tricky fires.


- Don't be afraid to let gravity do a little bit of the work, particularly if you're close to running out of water. There's always a little bit of run-off, so if one fire's above another, think about taking the highest one out first so that the spill-off can start getting to work on the one beneath.

- When pushing boulders up hills, you may need to adjust the angle of your nozzle as it moves along the curved climb. It may still get up the incline without you changing the nozzle height, but you'll waste a lot more water doing so.


- Need to move an object out of the way? If you need to squirt your fire-hose through a slit in the landscape, try and make the water flow with the shape of the curved pathway. By riding the chiseled earth in this way, you'll get a much stronger blast of water.

- The trick to getting a high score in Sprinkle is to use only the bare minimum amount of water necessary to get the job done. Don't be too quick to put out fires for the sake of it - if pushing an object around the screen will also take out a fire or two along the way, that's the best approach.


- Ice blocks only need a very small amount of water spray to get them sliding - particularly if they're already on a slope. Note that they can also be forced under water, so if something above them is blocking movement, consider bobbing them underneath it.

- Don't forget to duck when your fire-truck starts moving. It's very easy to get the nozzle stuck on an overhanging bit of scenery, and if you don't get it out of the way quickly then you'll have to start the level all over again!


- If you want to grab some bonus points, try shooting your waterjets at the little fireflies that are littered around some of the levels. You'll get a higher score this way, but don't spray too much around - you need a full water tank to get a perfect stage score.

- If you see an exclamation mark over a burning building, switch your firefighting attention to that hut immediately. If you continue to ignore the problem, the hut will burn down completely, ending your level attempt. If your vehicle has started moving when a hut burns down, you won't fail the level, but you will have a penalty applied to your final score.


- Keep a very close eye out for firebombs, particularly when they're aimed at your ship during the first boss fight. These can very quickly get out of control, and take an annoying chunk of points off your final score.

- Red switches will be activated whenever an object - such as a boulder - passes over them. Triggering these in the right order is always essential for solving the stage they appear in. Note that you'll need to tap on blue switches yourself if you want to activate them.

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