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Eat bad guys for breakfast.

Tons of Guns review

Tons of Guns is a free-to-play iPhone and iPad game that pits you against a variety of heavily armed lowlifes. Thankfully, you just so happen to pack a huge arsenal of shotguns, automatic rifles and pistols. There's more to this title than mindless shooting, and these tips from Glu Games will transform you into a scumbag-killing machine.


-Weapons have different reload sequences. Try them all.

-Find better armor on side branch missions.

-Suppressing fire reduces enemy accuracy for a short time.

-Upgrade weapons to boost raw killing power.

-Short on cash? Sell your unwanted items.

-Side missions require specific weapons.

-Side missions do not drop weapons, but are a great source or armor and cash.

-Missing a lot? Shoot in bursts for higher accuracy.

-Accessories are very powerful and only found in events.

-Replay boss fights for better weapons.

-Legendary items can be upgraded 15 times for ridiculous power.

-Mods unlocked on items are the true source of power and health.

-Events are special missions that are only available for a limited time and reward amazing loot.

-Unlocking mods greatly increases the power of weapons and armor.

-Bosses always carry a few Upgrade Kits with them. Hunt them down.

-Short on Upgrade Kits? Find some in the daily event.

-You can recalibrate in the pause menu.

-Tired of waiting for an upgrade? Skip it instantly with gold.

Download Tons of Guns: iOS

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