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Bloody hell.

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If you're looking for sophistication, innovation or the kind of quirky indie delight that only the App Store can provide, it's safe to say that Bloody Harry is not the game for you. Instead, you can expect to assume the role of Bloody Harry, a violent organic cook on a mission to chop up the world's vegetable zombies in order to cook up a storm.


You control Harry in this side-scrolling onslaught using a virtual joystick on the left of the screen - an admirably reliable control system compared to others we've seen. Want to smack a zombie around the head with a melee weapon? There's a button to the right that you can dole out each whack with, or you can switch to your guns if you prefer, and dish out some serious headshots for bonus points.

Every zombie you splatter, or piece of furniture you turn to sawdust, will drop something useful - a health top-up, coins for the shop, or just more ammo to keep your guns running. Coins are used to buy and upgrade weapons, or you can enhance your attack powers temporarily if you wish. You can also buy more powerful allies to jump into the fray with you for a few minutes if you need a helping hand. It's a bit of a shame that so many of these boosts are temporary though, considering this isn't a free to play title.


While pedestrian, side-scrolling combat makes up the bulk of the gameplay, you'll occasionally get to take advantage of a few special trick moves. Jump into a gigantic cannon and you'll temporarily gain the ability to fly through the scenery, taking enemies out while Harry himself remains immune to their counter-assaults, or even jump onto a skateboard to whizz passed them. These are certainly nice diversions, but no matter how you slice up the action it's all fairly repetitive and simplistic - even when you take the occasional boss fight into account.

It's hard to shake the feeling that FDG has overvalued Bloody Harry's worth a little by launching it as a paid-for download with in-app purchases attached - by the time you find yourself tempted to spend any more money, you'll likely have tired of the gameplay anyway. Still, if you don't mind paying a dollar for what will likely be a couple of hours ofentertainment, you'll certainly have as much fun here as you could hope for from any brainless bludgeoner.

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What's Hot:A fun enough side-scrolling combat game, with some satisfying upgrades to work towards.

What's Not:The novelty of the premise can't make up for the simplicity of the gameplay.


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