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Survive the apocalypse with our essential starter guide.

Ready for the apocalypse? Nuclear Outrun's out now on the App Store, and puts you in charge of a heavily armored vehicle, blasting through the undead and grabbing all the survivors left in the ravaged city. Struggling to get on top of the game? Check out our essential hints and tips for new players.


- Be very sparing with the use of ammunition - very often a single bullet will take out multiple zombies lying on the road ahead. Aim your first shot at the zombie nearest to you, and make that shot as early as possible. That way you'll be able to see which enemies are left over in good time.

- Get out of the starting vehicle as quickly as possible, but don't focus on grinding out new vehicles at the exclusion of everything else. A couple of upgrades in will see you good - after that, you can start improving your weapons bit by bit.


- Don't bother with the weapons of mass destruction unless you've got piles of real-world money to spend in the in-app purchase store. Powerful though these mega upgrades are, they can only be used a limited number of times, whereas other upgrades you make to vehicles and weapons are permanent, and give a benefit in every gam you play.

- Get into the habit of viewing the survivors you've unlocked from the Survivors upgrade section of the menu screen. Some of these characters provide a special bonus, like giving you extra coins or improving armor, and switching to another survivor can be essential for surviving trickier missions.


- Unlock some of the cheaper weapons very early on in the game, and experiment with them to find a combination that works for you. You may find that different weapon loadouts suit your reflexes and weak areas better than others, so take them all out for a spin to see what works for you.

- Don't just fire straight ahead the moment you see a zombie. Sometimes you can use the angle of your vehicle to get a clean shot off. If the vehicle's spinning a little in mid-air, wait for it to point in the direction of the first zombie to get a nice clean shot off - and hopefully take out some of the other zombies too.


- Prioritize killing the zombies that float in the air and fire rockets at you before all others. Each one of those rockets will do serious damage to your vehicle, so blow them out of the sky with your weapons, then get rid of the undead blighter who's firing them.

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