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Ten essential tips for mastering the new tower-defense game.

Reckon you're a dab hand at the tower-defense gameplay of the Bloons TD series? There's a new Battles edition of the game available from the iOS and Android app stores right now, and this time you'll have to fight against the strategic might of real people. Here are some useful hints and tips to help you get on top of the game.


- Bomb towers are great at dealing with tightly bunched together Bloons, but are a little wasteful on the normal types that are spaced apart. Build up a solid line of upgraded basic towers that can handle single threats, then slowly expand your defenses with these mighty area-of-effect protective units.

- You'll never move beyond a stalemate position if you simply defend against your opponent's assault. Make sure you're keeping a steady stream of Bloons heading their way, at the same time as you continue building up your defensive capabilities. Read your opponent's strategy and make sure you counter against it appropriately.


- Try and place Tack Shooters at pathway points where the track loops around. That way you'll have the opportunity to inflict the maximum damage against your opponent's assaults, both as they approach and move away from the Tack Shooter. As with all units in Bloons TD Battles, positional placement is key.

- Finding the defensive and offensive combat a little too much to stay on top of simultaneously? Head into a Defensive multiplayer match. That way you won't have to assault your opponent, just survive the endless Bloon assault for a longer period of time than they can manage. It's a much less stressful way of playing that will still reward you with valuable currencies


- When you're starting out on a map you've never played on before, don't place any defensive units until you've seen the path the Bloons take around the entire landscape. In the early rounds, you'll only face a handful of balloons. Note that this is considerably more risky in Assault multiplayer rounds, where your opponent might just choose to send an early heavy volley your way.

- Medallions are essential for upgrading your towers to their maximum potential. The good news is that you don't need to spend money in the in-app purchase store to get hold of more - you can earn them from gameplay too. Emerge victorious in multiplayer combat, and you can expect to get your hands on this valuable currency.


- Want to avoid players who might be paying their way to victory? We don't blame you. Fortunately, you can set up a private match between friends using the game's matchmaking system. If you really want to make sure you're competing on an even playing field, connect with Facebook friends you can trust not to pay to win.

- Tempting though it is to use your Medallions on upgrading existing towers, be aware that you're going to need some of this currency to unlock certain towers, period. The Glue Gunner and Boomerang Tower both require a certain number of Medallions, so you might want to think about unlocking these before upgrading other units.


- Annoying though it is to be bombarded with adverts, be aware that you can get your hands on a few shiny Medallions by watching promotional videos. It's a bit of a pain, but a fairly easy way of filling up on these early on in the game, when you want to get everything unlocked as quickly as possible.

- Certain tower upgrade tiers only become available when you've achieved a certain number of battle points, gained from taking part in multiplayer matches. Keep an eye out for any upgrades that are close to being unlocked, so you can head into the next match with even more firepower!

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