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These pop stars have seen better days.

The iOS App Store is no stranger to fads, the majority of which are perfectly cool, from nonstop endless runners to a healthy lineup of trivia games.


The dentist craze, on the other hand, makes no sense. One would think a title based on dentistry would open the door for curious players interested in learning more about the practice. There would be mini games, high scores and leaderboards.

Not only do these games lack those features, they seemingly have no point whatsoever, and Celebrity Dentist is no exception. We're not even sure if it qualifies as a video game, since there's no high score or conclusion. You simply deface cartoon representations of Beyonce (at least we think it's Beyonce), Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and other music stars; you can also make them pretty if you happen to possess a heart.

That said, the "game" amounts to yanking teeth, inserting replacements and filling the person's mouth with water. Then you're able to draw on his or her face, add decorations to the teeth and choose a background. That's essentially the gist of it. The game never provides positive reinforcement. Tutorial? What's that? In Celebrity Dentist, you learn as you go.


Then we have the annoying pop-up ads, followed by in-app purchases to acquire new celebrities, backgrounds, teeth (yes, teeth) and colors. It's little more than a cash grab.

We'll stop short of calling this the worst game on the App Store, since there's bound to be bigger abominations than Celebrity Dentist, but of all the games we've played, it is without question the worst. From what we can tell, video game dentistry is here to stay. Excuse us while we ignore it.

Download Celebrity Dentist: iOS

What's Hot:You can delete Celebrity Dentist after downloading it.

What's Not:No real point to the game, silly IAP, no tutorial, bothersome ads.


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