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A complete guide to all of the new content in the Krustyland update.

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The Simpsons: Tapped Out has been updated yet again with a fresh new batch of Krustyland buildings, decorations and characters. Not sure where to start? Here's a complete breakdown of all the new content.

How do I send a character to Krustyland in The Simpsons: Tapped Out?

A character can't be sent to Krustyland if that character is currently taking part in a job. To send them to Krustyland, simply tap on the Krustyland shuttle, then select 'Travel to Krustyland'. Reverse the process to bring them back to Springfield.

How does the Krust-O-Meter work in the Krustyland update?

The Krust-O-Meter adds a modifier to how quickly you gain Krustyland XP and ticket collections. You can view the status of your Krust-O-Meter by tapping on the icon next to your level indicator in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. For each star you fill in the meter, you'll receive a 5% bonus to your tickets and XP, as well as extra visitors to Krustyland.

Here's a breakdown of how the different conformity bonuses work:

Name How To Increase
Nausea Add nausea-inducing rides
Grub Add eateries to your Krustyland
Kitsch Add decorations
Merch Add skill games and shops

What new buildings are available in the Krustyland expansion?

Here's a complete list of all the new buildings you can grab in the Krustyland update.

Name Cost Level Rqd. Quest Stage
Death Drop 300 Tickets 2 7
Duff Pavillion 25,000 Tickets 29 38
Eyeballs Of Death 100 Donuts 20 4
Itchy And Scratchy Gift Shop 1,750 Tickets 23 16
Krusty's Haunted Condo 10,000 Tickets 26 29
Krustyland Entrance 20 Tickets 2 3
Krustyland Hotel 20,000 Tickets 28 36
Krustyland Krusty Burger 650 Tickets 21 10
Mount Krustmore 150 Donuts 20 4
Radioactive Man: The Ride 2,500 Tickets 24 21
Scratchy's Flea Dipper 12,000 Tickets 27 31
Sleeping Itchy's Castle 1,000 Tickets 22 13
The Food Needle 5,000 Tickets 25 24
The Tooth Chipper 32,000 Tickets 29 40
Viking Boat 16,000 Tickets 28 33
Wet-And-Smokey Stunt Show 7,500 Tickets 26 26

What new characters are there in the Krustyland update?

Name Cost Collection Name
Itchy Mascot 60 Donuts Krustyland Mascots
Poochie Mascot 2,500 Tickets Krustyland Mascots
Scratchy Mascot 60 Donuts Krustyland Mascots

What new decorations are there in the The Simpsons: Tapped Out?

Name Cost Level Rqd. Quest Stage
Clown Garbage Can 15 Donuts 20 4
Cotton Candy Stand 400 Tickets 26 28
Garbage Can 100 Tickets 23 18
Knock Over The Fuzzy Guy 500 Tickets 21 12
Krusty Fountain 100 Donuts 20 4
Krustyland Bench 100 Tickets 22 8
Krustyland Fence 10 Tickets 21 8
Krustyland Flowers 100 Tickets 23 8
Krustyland Shrub 50 Tickets 21 8
Krustyland Tree 125 Tickets 21 8
Krustyland Shuttlebus 50,000 Cash 20 1
Pavillion Tent 300 Tickets 23 8
Ring Toss 35 Tickets 20 5
Sideshow You 1,000 Tickets 22 15
Strike Three 500 Tickets 21 8
Whack-A-Mole 50 Donuts 20 4
Wheel Of Chance 500 Tickets 20 8

How much currency will I need to buy every item in the new Krustyland update?

If you're looking to buy every last item in the game, you're going to need a whopping 475 Donuts, 139,940 Krustyland Tickets and 50,000 Cash. Better get saving.

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