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Dig deep and get ready to dominate with our guide to the new Worms game.

We've just published our review of Team17's new App Store game, Worms 3. Mixing up classic Worms gameplay with some new squad and deck power gameplay mechanics, we were impressed enough to give the game a score of 4 out of 5. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a complete newcomer to the series, here are some essential tips for getting the most out of this new turn-based title.


- As a newcomer, the most important thing to know about the game is that you can very easily destroy your attacking worm by taking an opposite number out. Make sure the offensive action you're about to perform doesn't leave your opponent vulnerable - either to a nearby explosion, or a vicious retaliation.

- Likewise, you should be very careful during the build-up to an attack. If you take even a speck of damage on your way to your target, your turn will automatically end. Don't forget to make use of ninja ropes, jetpacks and teleports to either get safely to your firing position, or out of the way of a potential attack on the next turn.


- We really aren't keen on the zoomed out display that you're presented with by default in Worms 3. Pinch two fingers on the screen to get a closer look at the action. This is particularly important when you're negotiating a dangerous part of the landscape. You can always pinch out afterwards to get a look at the bigger picture.

- Be very careful when using any weapons that have a red number embossed over the icon. This information tells you how many seconds will pass from using the weapon to the projectile exploding. Make sure you take this information into account when setting up your shot.


- A powerful breeze can undo even the most dastardly take-down, so keep a very close eye on the wind meter at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Windspeed has a particularly powerful effect on use of the parachute, napalm strike and bazooka weapons and abilities.

- Save your cards up for when you're in a really close match. If your opponent forgets to use theirs, these can give you a seriously powerful advantage on the battlefield. Just make sure you read up carefully on the cards at your disposal, so you don't make the situation worse for yourself!


- One of the biggest changes made to the Worms formula in Worms 3 is the class system. Soldiers do decent damage and move at an average speed around the screen - a great all-rounder. Scouts do less damage but are smaller and more nimble. Scientists make for a great support team member, but if you're all about doing damage, make use of your slow but powerful Heavy class.

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