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Tread lightly.

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Anyone remember the old Apple game Artillery Duel? It was one of the first competitive games out there, and had two players trading shots back and forth across a static battlefield until one was blown to bits. Something about BattleFriends In Tanks reminds us of that game, perhaps because the objective's pretty similar - move around a circular battlefield and blast your friends to smithereens. Simple but effective.


This game is a turn-based affair where you can challenge friends and random players to join you in battle. Once in a match, you move your tank around the screen, blasting objects out of your way, and taking shots at anyone within your range. The action works very well in general, although there are a couple of issues that are worth noting.

First, since it's turn-based, you'll have to wait for your friends to interact before you can continue. There's no option to train in the meantime, or take on solo missions - you simply need to wait things out. Fortunately, there's no shortage of opposition out there, so you can always challenge others while you wait.


Secondly, no matter which tank you choose, you have a real gas guzzler on your hands. The vehicle will only move so far before you end up running out of fuel, and you'll need to drop a few gold bars - or wait until the next turn - to get moving again. This can be a real hassle if your opponent is on the other side of the game world, something which does happen from time to time.

Outside of these slight hassles, BattleFriends plays just fine. Your aiming system handles very well, and lets you pinpoint your shots clearly over obstacles. It takes a few turns to get completely up to speed with the system, but you'll be wiping out tanks and leveling up in no time flat. As you progress through the game, there are even new tanks to unlock that provide enhanced power and speed. We just wish there were more worlds to unlock too, as there's only one to play in right now.


Fortunately, that world has a bright, cheerful design going for it, making it ideal for players of all ages. The tanks look good as well, though you'll have to pay some real cash for some of the higher-end models.

BattleFriends In Tanks is a free-to-play game - at first. There is an option to buy a $2.99 premium edition, but there's very little given in exchange for making this upgrade. You get an "exclusive tank," some extra gold and "breathtaking HD graphics," but, honestly, you aren't missing much. The only real reason you'll want to upgrade is to remove the constant pop-up ads for other games, and frankly we can live with those.

If you're someone looking for friendly competition, the free edition of BattleFriends In Tanks' is a good way to get started. It's littered with ads and has limitations here and there, but it's fun to play at the same time. As for upgrading to the Premium edition, and even if you really like the game, there isn't much to give "tanks" for...

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What's Hot:Solid shooting controls, no shortage of competition with friends and strangers, colorful graphics, the basic version is free to at least try.

What's Not:Free version is laden with ads, not much to encourage a premium upgrade, waiting for someone to take their turn can be tedious, only one level available thus far, having to pay to refuel.


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