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Adorable, yet diabolically evil.

Jelly Splash Cheats and Tips

Wooga's Jelly Splash looks innocent enough. You connect three or more jelly blobs to eliminate them, trying to meet a goal across each level, like reaching a certain point value or eliminating dark jelly. Rest assured, however, that its appearance is deceiving.


After getting through the first few levels, you'll encounter Jelly Splash's difficulty curve. By the time you reach level 15, you'll make each move count, stringing together as many jellies as you can in one shot.

In a way, Jelly Splash shares similarities with King's Candy Crush Saga. It presents a gameplay system that's easy for anyone to get into, but soon becomes ridiculously addictive. Like that game, this one also introduces a feature where you can either log in to Facebook and ask your friends for additional lives, or buy them outright using coins earned over the course of the game.

It's a benefit to the developers and a curse to the players. Not being able to complete a level has its downfall, especially if you don't feel like bugging your friends or buying lives; you'll have to wait about 20-25 minutes for one to restock.

Outside of that, Jelly Splash is pure fun. The touchscreen gameplay works perfectly, as you chain jelly pieces and unlock super moves, which can clear an entire row or column. If you're good enough, you can chain two or three at once and create a screen-clearing effect, which does wonders for your score.

The Facebook integration - outside of bugging your friends for lives - is very inspired, as you can communicate with other players through messages and even throw out a few challenges through the leaderboards. Of course, you can beg for lives as well, if you're desperate.


As for the presentation, it's simple yet effective. The jelly blobs have plenty of personality, and the overworld map is huge, letting you look over the whole thing before reaching the toughest levels. That said, the music could use more variety, as it repeats - and even sounds like Candy Crush at times.

Jelly Splash is sure to find an audience, especially for those who have sworn off Candy Crush Saga because they can't get past that one level. It's enjoyable to play and a pleasure to look at, but chances are you'll run into a similar problem, either forking over some cash or waiting that 25-minute period. Bring your skills, and maybe a little patience.

Download Jelly Splash: iOS

What's Hot:Addictive gameplay, 140 levels to complete, cute visuals, (mostly) free-to-play, Facebook integration.

What's Not:Waiting for lives, repetitive music.


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