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Chillingo chalks up another hit.

Don't worry about grabbing a chair, this one won't take long. Chillingo's new mobile game The Impossible Line is simplicity itself, you see. You're presented with a series of chalkboards, and on each one there's a starting point, a finishing point, and a whole lot of walling between the two. Your job? When the game starts, the walls vanish from the screen, and you have to steer the chalk line from start to finish without colliding into a single invisible wall.


That's it really. The levels do, of course, get more complicated as you work your way through the game, so you can expect to deal with some seriously nerve-wracking mazes as you approach the halfway point. There's a proximity buzzer on the screen which beeps ever more urgently as you get close to walls, but for the most part it's down to just you and your memory. Oh, and the obstacles move in later levels, did we mention that?

Fortunately, you can make use of some upgrades in this free-to-play game. The miner's hat gives you clear vision in a very small circular area immediately around the point where your chalk's positioned. You can also call in a quick memory refresher, and have the maze overlay appear for a very brief amount of time, although you can't move your chalk while this memory jogger is active. You can buy more of these power-ups if you wish, but if you have plenty of patience you should be able to smash your way through the game without spending cash.

As a fun bit of throwaway gaming to keep you busy on the way to school or work, it's hard to pass up on The Impossible Line. It's not the most complex game in the world, but it also doesn't pretend to be either. It's a neat idea, executed well, and you'll find a large part of the game entirely free to enjoy.

Download The Impossible Line - iOS

What's Hot:A simple but satisfying idea, executed cleanly and with a very fair use of in-app purchases.

What's Not:We'd like to have seen more variety in the mazes you face. Once you reach the midway point, you've probably had your fill. Some annoying ads.


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