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Every day we're crushing it.

When Adult Swim Games releases a new product on iOS and Android, you'll normally find something a little offbeat, but nevertheless fun to play. That was the case with Monsters Ate My Condo and Robot Unicorn Attack 2, and this trend continues with Giant Boulder of Death, a fun game that rolls with comic momentum.


The game has an interesting story, where you play as a boulder avenging the death of your female friend, who was broken to pieces by selfish Swedes. You'll build momentum by rolling down a mountainside, then running over everything in your path, including cows, Swedes and buildings, while avoiding dangers like holes, spike strips and homing mines.

If you get hit, you can either explode in a blaze of glory and have your shards hit objects for extra points, or use a gem to continue the run. You receive a few gems at first, but if you want more, you'll need to buy them with real cash or find hidden ones in each level.

Power-ups and upgrades can help your boulder. You can strengthen it with superior jumping ability, or increase the time spent running as an Invinciboulder, which activates automatically by causing enough damage in a stage. It's a cool moment, as your boulder becomes a huge spiked ball with death metal yodeling in the background.

This game is free-to-play, but you'll need to plunk down a little cash if you want all the power-ups right away, or want to continue your boulder dash. Thankfully, most of the game's content remains free, including slick Facebook and Game Center leaderboard integration, as well as the various challenges that open up across each level. No pay wall here - which is very cool.


Giant Boulder of Death's presentation isn't up there with Robot Unicorn Attack 2, but it's close. The 3D landscape offers plenty of space to see what obstacles lay ahead. Plus, it's fun to smash through a herd of cows and watch them crash into a group of soldiers. The music's not bad either - again, love the death metal yodeling - but it can get a bit repetitive.

Regardless, Giant Boulder of Death is a smashing success, a fun game that'll keep you playing for quite some time. This rolling stone gathers no moss.

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Download Giant Boulder of Death: iOS

What's Hot:Humorous story, fun gameplay with different control options, cute yet simple visuals, Facebook leaderboard integration, stacked upgrade system, free-to-play, death metal yodeling.

What's Not:Repetitive soundtrack, you may need to buy gems and coins.


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