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Let's hit the road.

2K Drive Cheats and Tips

Between Real Racing 3, Asphalt 8: Adrenaline and Need For Speed: Most Wanted, mobile racing fans have plenty to choose from. There's always room for one more, though, and 2K Drive deserves a spot in your virtual garage.


2K, teaming up with the folks at Lucid Games, produced a simulation game that doesn't always stick to the script. There's plenty of serious driving to go around, but there are an abundant amount of events to enjoy, ranging from off-road hot laps to face-offs with armed helicopters and soccer matches. Yes, you play soccer with a vehicle - and you'll love it.

This game gives you plenty to do, but the first place to start is Championship, where you'll earn Trophies and build a reputation. If you're gutsy enough, you can also add a picture to your profile. We just wish that persona carried over to the in-game driver, who looks dead.


There are plenty of side events as well, where you can earn coins, stars and miles to build your reputation and unlock plenty of vehicles and parts. That's where 2K Drive builds most of its wealth, through hundreds of offerings to hit the track. Each car feels right, especially when it comes to tilt controls. It's the best way to go, even though there are times you'll end up spinning out due to over-steering. Just get back on the road and you'll be fine.

If you wish, you can pay an extra $10 and unlock 25 elite vehicles, but it's a bit odd that you have to pay more for the best rides when they should've come with the initial $7 purchase. They aren't necessary unless you're a completionist, thank goodness.


Along with all the driving action, 2K Drive comes with an interactive online news feed, where you can see what's happening in the racing world. Enthusiasts will appreciate it, though casual fans may want to check out a story or two, just to see how comprehensive it is.

Lucid Games, a studio consisting of veterans from Bizarre Creations - the makers of Blur and Project Gotham - really know how to make a quality mobile racing game. 2K Drive looks fantastic for the most part, with vehicles that take real-time damage, tracks from around the world and a fast pace that keeps up throughout each race - even during smaller one-on-one events. The sound is great too, with a mixture of enjoyable background tracks and plenty of revving engines to keep you excited.


Still, we hoped to see a variation of the Kudos system that worked so well in the PGR franchise. At least the stars, miles and coins give you plenty to shoot for in its place.

While 2K Drive is a bit pricier than the free-to-play competition, there's plenty of mileage behind it, with hours of events to conquer and plenty of cars to test drive. This'll definitely rev your engine.

Download 2K Drive: iOS

What's Hot:Unprecedented amount of racing events both online and off, huge array of vehicles and upgrades to unlock, offbeat events, wonderful graphics and sound.

What's Not:The $6.99 purchase doesn't cover all the vehicles, your driver's blank emotionless stare, finicky controls, no "Kudos" system.


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