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Get ready to explore The Minion Beach.

Everyone plays Despicable Me: Minion Rush. We see the game almost everywhere, so it makes perfect sense that it achieved more than 100 million downloads worldwide. This accounts for over 260 million hours of playtime and 55 billion Despicable Actions performed.


"We've been lucky to work with such creative and visionary minds like the team at Illumination Entertainment," says Julien Fournials, SVP Production at Gameloft. "Bringing the Minions to life in a game was great fun. Our collaboration brought a lot of authenticity to the table, from the Minion voices to the uniquely comedic gameplay, and that authenticity helped introduce a lot of fans to the game."

"Gameloft did an incredible job recreating the Minions and the environments from the movies," says Stephanie Sperber, President of Universal Partnerships & Licensing. "We are continuing to work hard to bring new and exciting content to the game to engage the millions of fans who enjoy 'Minion Rush' on a daily basis."


Knowing it has a good thing, Gameloft just released a new update called The Minion Beach. In addition to the new location, players can also enjoy beach themed costumes like the Snorkeler Minion and Surfer Minion. Minion Beach is currently available on Google Play, with an iOS release coming soon.

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