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All signs point to the best Infinity Blade yet.

Chair Entertainment's Infinity Blade is one of the more respected mobile game franchises. Both the original and its sequel achieved success, with a whopping $60 million in sales.

Next week, that success will continue with the release of Infinity Blade 3, the final chapter in the series. CHAiR apparently saved the best for last, with a number of new elements that should captivate players for months as they hack and slash their way to victory.

On that note, here are the five biggest improvements over the prequels.

A Larger Universe


As great as the first two games are, they follow a mostly linear design, outside of finding the occasional treasure chest or wandering off a beaten path once in a while. For Infinity Blade 3, the world is massive - approximately eight times bigger than the original. You'll traverse through enormous castles while tackling a number of new side quests and joining Clash Mobs. It's a sizable amount of content.

A Team Effort


This time around, you'll fight with two characters - Siris and Isa - who each have their own techniques and powers. In addition, up to four fellow warriors join the cause. You're able to upgrade weapons with the help of a blacksmith and craftsman, learn new spells with a potion master and so much more. You can customize and power-up your character any way you see fit, with various boosts and spells.

Wonderful Toys


The first two games have lots of weapons, but Infinity Blade 3 will come with a whopping 135 unique weapons and items between the two characters, all of which have signature effects. Whether you prefer heavier weapons like the broadsword, or lighter ones with a quicker attack style, CHAiR has something you're bound to enjoy.

On top of that, both characters have their own combat styles, with three apiece. Will you go with Siris' heavier attacks, or Isa's quick strikes? Entirely up to you.

Bring Your Friends


Multiplayer/Social expanded greatly for Infinity Blade 3. Clash Mobs returns, allowing you to team with friends to bring down massive enemies in a certain time frame. A new Trials mode will have you battling against players' highest scores with waves of enemies, where you can shoot for bronze, silver and gold medals. Finally, Aegis Tournaments allow you to compete against other players for the chance to win prizes.

Excellent Presentation


CHAiR will expand upon the story with the help of best-selling author Brandon Sanderson [watch the interview]. We can only hope their efforts tie the series together with a nice, neat bow. Not only that, but the graphics are the best to date, powered by Epic's Unreal Engine 3 technology. Finally, expect quality voice acting, led by none other than Troy Baker, who played Booker DeWitt in Bioshock Infinite and Joel in The Last of Us.

Infinity Blade 3 releases for iPhone and iPad September 18th.

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