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The App Store is about to get even better.

With its official announcement yesterday, Apple shook up the mobile phone industry with not only the iPhone 5c, but also the more stylish iPhone 5s. It packed the latter with impressive technology, built into a sleek gold, silver or space grey casing that will attract a huge audience.

There's more to the device than good looks. It's one of the most powerful smart phones ever produced, with a number of technical innovations that will change gaming for the better. Here are five things you'll want to keep both eyes on.


Let's Speed Things Up

The iPhone 5s will be the first device to utilize the new A7 technology, which practically doubles the processing of graphics and CPU over its predecessor. What does this mean? Load times will be a thing of the past for most apps, and games like Infinity Blade 3 and Asphalt 8: Airborne will run smoother. Plus, with this technology, developers can build some amazing apps from the ground up.

Keep That Battery Alive

With the help of the new M7 coprocessor technology, some games will be able to run without taking advantage of the full iPhone hardware. While this may sound a bit technical, essentially it means that your battery will last longer. Since most mobile games have better replay value to them - we're looking at you, 2K Drive - it helps to have the necessary power to spare.

Console-Like Gaming On a Mobile Device

It's often said that mobile gaming and console gaming will always be separate because of the tech involved. Yet we've seen games that have come rather close to emulating the console experience on the iPad. With the new iPhone 5s, developers will have greater means to create such experiences on a mobile front, thanks to the inclusion of a 64-bit processor and OpenGL ES support, which many consoles and Mac computers use today. Infinity Blade 3 [read our preview] is just the beginning - wait till you see what hits the App Store a year from now.

Smile, You're On Camera

Only a few games allow you to interact through taking pictures or video and sharing them with fellow players - like taking a profile pic with 2K Drive. That experience will only get better with iSight, the new camera system for iPhone 5s. Look for developers to take advantage of this in the months ahead - and maybe introduce online video chatting with certain apps.

Disconnection Is (Mostly) A Thing Of The Past

Finally, if there's one thing that irks us during our mobile game sessions, it's a connection drop/unstable connection. With the iPhone 5s, Apple has a new Ultrafast LTE wireless technology that will keep people online longer, provided you're a subscriber to the right services. It's a small thing, sure, but when it comes to racing friends in Real Racing 3 or slaughtering enemies in Infinity Blade 3, it makes all the difference.

Now find out what we love most about the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s.

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