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Those pink slips are as good as yours.

As you can see from our review, Racing Rivals is hardly a drag. On the contrary, it's one of the most entertaining racing games you'll play on iPhone and iPad, especially when it comes to multiplayer competition. If you're having trouble getting into it, these tips will help you cross the finish line.


-The early stages of the campaign introduce you to the gameplay system. It's basically a three-function set-up. You've got a gas pedal, which will help rev your engine before you start; a launch button that gets your car moving; and your shift up button. There's also a shift down button, but you'll rarely use it.

-With the gas pedal, keep an eye on a light-up meter right above the launch button. If it lights up green, you're good to go with speed boost. Just make sure it doesn't turn red. If it does, and you hit the launch button, you'll have an engine problem that prevents you from picking up speed.

-When it comes to launch, you need to hit it at just the right time. Do this too late and you'll lose momentum. Hit too soon and you'll get disqualified.

-Shifting up at the right time should be easy with the same light-up meter that the gas pedal uses. Wait for the light to go green - along with the "SHIFT!" prompt, then hit the shift up button. You'll know if it's perfect, good or bad depending on the indicators.

-Always be sure to take care of your car. If maintenance is needed, go ahead and plunk down the coins to pay for repairs, as well as gems to quickly install in case you don't want to wait a couple of minutes.

-When it comes to upgrading your vehicle, go with necessities first, like a turbo kit. In addition, make sure you upgrade the smaller parts as well, like the calibrators and tires. They go a long way to getting you up to speed.

-Don't be afraid to stop in the Showroom and take a look around. Even if there are certain cars you can't afford, you can set attainable goals to reach within the game. Just a few more races and you can afford that luxurious McLaren.

-Be patient with multiplayer. When you challenge a player, nine times out of 10 they'll be "busy." Races don't last long, though, so you'll probably wait a minute or two, at most, before you hit the track.

-Finally, don't jump into Pink Slip races right away. Take your time with minor bets until you master the gameplay system and modify your car to achieve peak performance.

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