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Be sure to take a turn with this mesmerizing title.

If you were tickled by the intimidating Super Hexagon - but found the challenge just a little too frustrating to hold your attention in the long run - then we think you're going to like Pivvot an awful lot. Like that earlier game, the challenge here seems like simplicity itself on the surface, but its basic elements are soon blended together to create a truly mesmerizing experience.


You take control of a small glowing bar that travels automatically along a line. At one end of your bar is a large circle, and at the other end is a smaller one around which this entire avatar pivots. Holding down the left-hand side of the screen sends the bar rotating in that direction, while a tap on the right moves it in the opposite direction.

Your challenge is to make sure that the big circle never comes into contact with any of the many obstacles that litter the course-way. Rotating fans require you to shift to the opposite side of the line entirely, for example, while more complex maze structures require you to keep the bar moving even as you pass through them. If your larger circle touches anything at all, you'll have to restart the section. It's tense stuff.


This would be tricky enough by itself, but it's not long until the line you're traveling along loses its straight edge and becomes worryingly erratic. Wobbling sections induce no small amount of panic as you desperately try to read the road ahead, and adapt your bar's position to any upcoming threats at the same time. It all becomes a bit like trying to pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time. Despite these stressful moments, Pivvot nevertheless provides some seriously zen-like satisfaction as you slowly master each obstacle type.

There's more than one mode to enjoy in the game too. Voyage mode leads you through each obstacle type via a checkpointed progress structure - allowing you to slowly master each danger - while the Endless mode puts your concentration to the test as you simply attempt to survive for as long as possible. Extreme versions of these modes - unlocked after completing the basic versions - will give even the most focused gamer a serious run for their money, and success in the frantic Berserk mode will be beyond all but the most capable player.

Pivvot strikes a wonderful balance between frustration and elation. What seems impossible at first soon becomes second nature as you gradually get to grips with the game's devilish designs. The overall challenge level isn't quite the same as that found in the game's obvious inspirations, but this is nevertheless a game that you won't be able to walk away from until you've truly mastered it.

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What's Hot:A hypnotizing challenge that you won't be able to put down until you've beaten it. Ambient, zen gaming at its best.

What's Not:More randomization, particularly in the Endless mode, would have added a great deal of longevity to the game.


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