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We'll help you get into the swing of things with our essential game guide.

Pivvot's currently free to download from the App Store, and given our 4.5 out of 5 star review of the game this morning, it's safe to say we recommend you do exactly that. This extremely challenging but satisfying game will put all your powers of concentration to the test, but we've got some useful hints and tips to help you get through even the trickiest sections.

Keep a low profile


- As a general rule, try and keep your avatar lying parallel along the line in front of you, as this will make it much easier to maneuver left or right into the correct position. Avoid sticking out too far towards any one side, so that you always have the best chance of avoiding any upcoming obstacles.

Minimize your exposure to upcoming obstacles

- Keep the circular end of your avatar pointing away from the direction of travel as you lay it parallel talong the traveling line. This gives you more time to react to any upcoming danger. If you leave it facing forwards, you increase the chance that you'll hit an object.

Know your enemy


- Be wary of shifts in the line as you pass through an obstacle. If the shape of the line shifts too much, you may actually need to switch the position of your avatar to make it safely beyond the point of danger. Practice each object type thoroughly until you understand the exact, evolving threat that each one represents.

Safety may lie just behind you

- Note that objects you pass will vanish once you've moved a certain distance beyond them. Making use of this fresh space is often essential if you're to switch seamlessly between different threats, so always be ready to move quickly into newly created areas of safety.

Be wary of distractions, and stay focused on the real danger ahead


- If the line you're riding starts getting a bit wobbly, but there are no obstacles to worry about, concentrate on the area just after the line starts shifting and be ready to align to that. This is the position you'll want to assume for any upcoming danger afterwards.

Use the music to time your most delicate maneuvers

- Try and use the rhythm of the music to your advantage. The individual beats will very often give you a big clue as to when you need to maneuver into your next position. This can be very useful in the final stages of Voyage, for example, where you have to blend together some seriously tricky moves.

Master each mode of the game to unlock greater challenges

- If you want to unlock the Expert versions of the Voyage and Endless modes, you'll need to beat the basic versions first. Complete all four modes and you'll eventually unlock Berserk - good luck with that...!

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