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There's just something about driving around in a tank that shows people you mean business. Whether it's the nearly impenetrable armor that bullets bounce off of, or the huge shell-firing gun that can devastate a target with a single shot, it's a tool that's hard to pass up in a fight. With Boom! Tanks, Codemasters has brought the thrilling experience of blowing enemies to bits to iOS devices, and it's a pretty good experience overall - albeit one that's not without its challenges.

The majority of the game is spread across a three-chapter single-player campaign, during which you work alongside a faithful team in order to defeat enemies across Europe, North Africa and Siberia. In each round, you'll face an opponent that you have to target in your sights, and then - using a unique gameplay system - blast them to bits by timing your shots after your team has loaded them into the barrel. The closer you are to a center target, the better the hit you'll land against your enemy.

Some tanks are tougher than others though. At the beginning of the game, one rather sassy female commander sends you sulking back to the barracks as a friendly reminder that you should upgrade. Boom! Tanks gives you several areas in which you can do so, whether that's improving the power and accuracy of your shots, or increasing your reload speed and aiming capabilities.


You can also re-design your tank with a number of paint jobs, and if your current tank isn't suitable for the job at hand you can always upgrade to a new one - though the more powerful ones in the game will either require a lot of patience, or a quick in-app purchase. It's not absolutely necessary to put down real money, but in some cases - like when you need a fuel refill - you'll need to wait a bit before getting back into the action.

Although Boom! Tanks' gameplay is fun, it is also very repetitive. In general, you only control two things - the targeting of your enemy, and the timing of your shots. Everything else is pretty much controlled by the AI, which will make the game seem like a rather limited affair for some. World of Tanks, it ain't.


At least the activities on offer are varied. Along with the campaign missions, you can also tackle Daily Assignments and Challenges to earn extra money, and get closer to that dream tank you've always wanted. It's just too bad multiplayer wasn't considered as well, as a PvP-powered tank battle with friends would have really been something.

Codemasters did put some effort into the presentation though. The 3D graphics look superb, and the "final shot" cam, when you send a tank towards its flaming obliteration, is an enjoyable sight. The sound is good too, with old-school combat music playing behind the thunderous booms that emanate from your vehicle.

Boom! Tanks isn't exactly the deepest simulator you'll ever lay your hands on, then, but it's definitely a pleasure to play. And besides, where else are you going to get to drive one of these babies, kitted out with a leopard-skin paint job?

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What's Hot:The game has an easy and fun control scheme, effective upgrade systems, plenty of cool paint-jobs, great presentation, and it's free-to-play.

What's Not:The gameplay doesn't vary much at all, and you have to exhibit real patience or real cash if you want more powerful tanks and supplies. The absence of multiplayer is a real shame.


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