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Make the Deathless cry for their mommies.

Infinity Blade 3 - Review | Cheats And Tips | Goals Guide | Get More Chips | Video Walkthrough

It took a while, but Chair Entertainment unleashed Infinity Blade 3 upon the App Store, to the delight of fans who immediately made this impressive sequel the number one paid game for iOS devices. It deserves top honors, and you can read why in this review.

Chair made Infinity Blade 3 as user friendly as possible for newcomers, but there's still a great chance you'll struggle against the fearsome brutes standing in the way. Don't get frustrated. Follow these tips to transform Siris and Isa into monster-killing machines.


-Always scan environments for hidden sacks of gold and ingredients. In regard to the latter, you'll often see crates lying around, or plants growing along the landscape. Simply tap these items to collect.

-Keep in mind you have limited control over the camera during most cut scenes. A slight shift to the right or left may reveal gold or ingredients.

-The Potionmaster brews a variety of potions that imbue your character with enhanced stats. All you need are the ingredients. When at The Hideout, pay him a visit by tapping the blue circle on the tower. Drag the desired ingredients from the list on the left to the right side of the screen, then press the Cook button.

From there, you have two options: wait until the potion is complete, or spend Chips to finish it immediately. We suggest doing the former. You don't need potions to progress through the game, and finishing missions is a great way to pass the time.

-The Merchant sells items at a discount for a limited time. If you pay her a visit and choose to not buy anything, those discounted items may not be available later in the game.

-The Blacksmith will upgrade previously mastered weapons, for a price of course. While costly, it's a great way to hang onto a favorite blade without getting your butt kicked by high-level opponents.

-Always seek to complete Goals, and be sure to collect the rewards. These range from executing 200 combo attacks to casting magic 50 times. You'll earn chips, which you can use to buy weapons and equipment.

-Tap the blade on the top of the screen to pause the game. From here, you can view currently owned weapons/equipment for each character, buy new content, make in-app purchases and perhaps most importantly, adjust the size of the dodge buttons in the options menu.

-With the game paused, make note of exclamation points near the Items, Supplies, Skills and Goals categories. The first two signify new pieces of equipment, Skills means you have points to assign, while Goals let you know there are rewards to collect.

-Don't ignore your Skill Points. Use them to boost a character's Health, Attack, Shield and Magic while at the same time unlocking new skills in the process. Remember, characters do not share stats.

-Before engaging a monster, tap the exclamation point in the lower right corner to view its current level, along with the level of your character.

-Changing a character's weapon may alter his or her fighting style, so it's important to note each category's effect. A spear, for instance, may eliminate your ability to dodge.

-Seek to parry enemies whenever possible, as it may allow you to score rapid-fire moves to drain their energy. To parry, swipe just before the enemy strikes. You cannot parry kick attacks.

-Equip gems to add perks. Note the shape of the slots (circle, square, etc.). To see what a gem does, tap it. You may boost your defense, attack power or increase the ability to find gold.

-When deciding which weapons to equip, find one you like and press the Compare button on the right to see how it stacks up to the one you're holding. You can do the same with helms, shields, armor and rings. The more powerful you are, the easier it will be to kill adversaries.

-Don't forget to equip a ring. These powerful pieces of jewelry let you cast different forms of magic that help your character and damage the opponent. Wait until the magic orb on the top right is full, tap and then trace the necessary shape to cast the desired magic.

-Getting destroyed? Upon death, consider choosing the Too Hard? option. The developers will let you retain all the gold, chips, items and XP you collected while competing in a less difficult Awakening to increase your character's strength.

-Fill your character's health bar before jumping into a battle.

-Find a price wheel? Spin that sucker to win weapons and equipment.

Infinity Blade 3 - Review | Cheats And Tips | Goals Guide | Get More Chips | Video Walkthrough

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