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The pork is strong with this one.

We have Angry Birds Star Wars 2 video walkthroughs, along with Cheats and Tips.

Not everyone was crazy about the prequel trilogy of Star Wars films that came out between 1999 and 2005. Some consider these movies the downfall of the franchise, especially The Phantom Menace and the introduction of Jar Jar Binks. With this in mind, Rovio's Angry Birds Star Wars 2 makes the prequels shine, thanks to clever character implementation and over 100 new stages to solve.


You know the concept by now. Enemies in the form of dastardly pigs appear in each stage, usually within forts made of wood, glass and stone. Using a pre-set number of characters, you must take them out by hitting the swine directly or using items like TNT crates to cause chain reactions.

Each character comes with a special ability, and we didn't find a lame one in the bunch. Qui-Gon Bird uses his lightsaber - while sporting a Liam Neeson-like appearance - while Yoda swings around with a wild kamikaze style attack that obliterates almost everything he touches. Even Jar Jar, a character we would've deemed useless in a game like this, has his moments. He uses his tongue to grapple objects, including enemies.


Some characters are available from the beginning, but others you'll have limited access to. To unlock these heroes and villains, you'll need to plunk down money or purchase Telepods, which should be available in stores. The way the game is set up, you don't need to purchase the figures to enjoy it. That said, if you form a bond with a secondary character, you'll need to fork over the cash to use them more than once.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 features both light and dark sides to explore, with a total of 100+ levels in all. There are bonus stages you can't access without a figure or purchase, and some are diabolically hard, requiring several tries before you succeed. That aside, these puzzles feature impressive designs utilizing new items like chains and magnets to keep things interesting.

The presentation should also be a hit with Star Wars fans - even if you dislike the new trilogy. John Williams' music snippets are great to listen to, along with the little grunts that each of your birds make. The graphics are enjoyable, too, with settings and characters that are well implemented into this cartoon-style universe.


Even with Telepods and needing to pay to unlock content, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is another top-notch game from Rovio. The prequels received fair treatment, between stellar new characters - even Jar Jar - and elaborate level designs. Best of all, there's no sign of whiny Anakin - just the one that loves to pod race. Now you have no excuse. Buy it, you must, as Yoda would say.

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What's Hot:You don't need Telepods to have fun with the game, traditional Angry Birds gameplay, awesome level design and presentation, Jar Jar Bird is somewhat cool.

What's Not:Not everyone will be crazy about the prequel setting, some levels are ridiculously hard, you need to pay to access certain stages and abilities if you don't own figures.


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