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Learn the ways of the Force.

We have Angry Birds Star Wars 2 video walkthroughs.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 finally arrived on both the App Store and Google Play last night, allowing millions of gamers to take part in prequel-based shenanigans.

Most people know the Angry Birds basics, but if you need tips to get through the new stages, we've got you covered.


-Yoda is one of the best characters in the game, depending how you use him. Tap him once and he'll swing around in a frenzy, using his lightsaber to destroy everything. It's a great idea to save him for small, confined spaces, where he can do major damage. Use him for something bigger, and he'll bounce off and go flying through the air. Not a good idea.

-We mentioned in our review that Jar Jar Bird is useful. With him, you harness his tongue to grab objects, enemies or TNT boxes, and he'll maintain his grip until he crashes into something. He's excellent when it comes to latching onto an otherwise inaccessible TNT crate, as he can rip it out and send it flying into the stage - like an armada of enemy pigs in the distance.

-If for some reason a character's ability doesn't work initially, you can always restart the stage and try again. You won't get penalized for doing this more than once. In fact, sometimes you can earn a higher score or stars you didn't earn the first time around.

-When it comes to premium characters in the game - which you can unlock by buying in-app or picking up Telepods figures in stores - test them out a few times before making the decision to buy. In most cases, you'll have enough "test runs" to get the most use from them, then refer back to the general characters provided for each stage, like Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. Try before you buy.

-When you start each stage, get a good look at everything and plan your course of attack. Along with general objects, there are secondary tools that can help you out, including catapults that shoot large, glowing purple spheres and magnets.

The purple spheres are particularly helpful, as they can destroy pretty much everything they touch - even stone. To launch them, though, you'll need to cut the string on the catapult, which you can do with a well-timed attack or push.

As for magnets, they work with metal platforms and objects. Try to jar them loose with your first bird, as they'll go flying around the stage - or hanging from a chain - and attract any metal nearby. This will help wipe out a number of enemies with ease, leaving you a secondary bird to finish the job.

-Don't forget to try out the bonus levels. You'll unlock a few of these over the course of the game - with some needing to be unlocked with purchase or use of a Telepod figure. They'll challenge your best Angry Birds skills, even if you think you're a seasoned pro.

-Once you have a better idea of each character's signature attack/ability, set out to create the ultimate team, even if it means using heroes and villains. Darth Maul teaming with Yoda? Make it happen.

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