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Ten essential tips for mastering the new FIFA mobile game.

FIFA 14 - Review | Cheats And Tips | Manager Mode Guide | Controls Guide | Ultimate Team Guide

We've just given the new FIFA mobile game a very well-deserved score of 4.5 out of 5 in our review. Now here are some essential tips for getting to grips with the game.


- Never ever tackle a player from behind in FIFA 14. It's just about the fastest way to get yourself a yellow - or worse, red - card in the game. Instead, either position your player ahead of the ball-carrier, or switch with a tap to a player ahead and bring them forward for a precision tackle.

- Don't forget that you can sprint your way out of trouble or into a better position, albeit at the expense of some precision. Hold down anywhere on the screen to get your current player sprinting along the pitch, and move your finger gently up and down the screen to shift direction.

- The new touch controls are going to take a little bit of getting used to in this year's mobile version of FIFA 14, so spend a little bit of time on quick matches before taking on the challenge of tournaments. You can also find a guide to individual maneuvers in the help section of the game.


- Here's a tip for making a nice pile of cash early on in the game. The first teams you face are pretty weak, and can easily be beaten with some clever footwork. Focus on passing the ball back, forth and around as quickly as possible, and towards players in open space. This will throw the AI into enough confusion that you should find yourself with a clear shot on goal very quickly. Rinse and repeat to take home the early honors.

- Don't just pass directly to a player. Instead, consider tapping just ahead of the recipient so that they run into space and get ahead of any opposing players who might be jostling their way into position. Just be careful you don't pass the ball straight to the opposition in the process - it's very easily done!

- Power isn't necessarily the path to scoring the winner in FIFA 14. We found that a precision shot went much further than a power shot in ensuring you get the edge in games. Aim a straight, precision shot with average power into the corners to fox the average AI goalkeeper.


- The big focus this year is on the new tactical touch controls, but don't worry if you prefer the old virtual joystick controls of previous editions. You can switch controls very easily in the options settings of the game. Do give the new touch system a proper chance before switching though - it adds a very satisfying sense of strategy to the game.

- When you start Ultimate Team, your squad will be horribly optimized, so don't step into a match until you've got the basics of the squad sorted. First, make sure your players with the highest rating are on the pitch, in position, and that the best of the rest are on your subs bench. Next make sure they're in the best position on the pitch by making sure as many players have a green boot icon as possible. You may not be able to get all of them in perfect position, but you need to make the best job you can with the players you have.

- If you want to take more direct control of a player, hold your finger down on them until they're surrounded with a white circle, then drag the player in the general direction you wish them to head towards. Note that you need to keep your finger held down for a second or so before moving, otherwise you'll initiate an embarrassing tackle in completely open space!


- You'll get the Ultimate Team component of FIFA 14 absolutely free of charge, but if you want the more traditional quick-play, manager or season modes of the game, you'll have to make a one-off payment in the in-app purchase store.

FIFA 14 - Review | Cheats And Tips | Manager Mode Guide | Controls Guide | Ultimate Team Guide

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