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Get off to a winning start in FIFA 14's Ultimate Team mode.

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If you're completely new to the Ultimate Team section of this year's mobile FIFA, here are some essential starter tips to help you get stuck into the action. Beware, it's very addictive once you get started!


- All things being equal, a team with great chemistry will perform above its average ability, while a team with terrible chemistry will perform below its potential. Note that your chemistry rating is always determined by your starting eleven only, and won't be based on any subs on the bench.

- What kind of things affect a team's chemistry in Ultimate Team? If two players play in the same country, league or club, that will positively affect the chemistry between them - and playing in the same club gives by far the biggest boost. If players have a green line between them in the squad set-up, this means they have a very strong chemistry connection. Aim to create as many of these connections as you can.

- To get hold of new players in Ultimate Team, you're going to need to get your hands on plenty of coin currency. Once you've got your hands on a decent stash, you can either purchase new Bronze, Silver or Gold packs, or buy players direction from the player-driven marketplace.


- Different card packs cost different amounts of currency. Typically, the more expensive they are, the better the players you'll receive in exchange. You get a mini Gold pack the first time you fire up Ultimate Team, so head to the Happy Hour section of the interface to get a nice early boost.

- Keep an eye on the objectives you're set in Ultimate Team, as these can be a great way of getting hold of some cash early on. Improving your team's chemistry is a great starting point to not only performing better on the pitch, but also getting your hands on some early objective reward currency nice and quickly.

- Unsure what the color-coding means in Ultimate Team? No problem. If a player has a green boot on their icon, it means they're in their perfect position in the squad set-up. Orange is OK - although not optimal - but a red boot is a real no-no. Go through your squad and make sure you are making the best of what's available if you're left with any red boots.


- When setting out your squad, first get all the basic positions covered. Next, go through each player one by one and see if you have a different player on the bench who can fill the position just as well, but has a better rating. Swap that player in if so.

- Remember that anything can happen on the pitch - players get sent off and injuries get picked up. So make sure you move the best remaining players onto your substitution bench after optimizing your starting eleven. You never know which gaps you'll have to fill in a pinch, after all.

FIFA 14 - Review | Cheats And Tips | Manager Mode Guide | Controls Guide | Ultimate Team Guide

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