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Hey look, innocent animals. Ready, aim...

Deer Hunter 2014 - Review | Cheats And Tips | Make & Save More Money | Kills 1-5 | Kills 6-9 | Kills 11-14

Hunting season is officially upon us. Although we avoid killing animals for sport, we're more than happy to slaughter virtual critters in Deer Hunter 2014. Glu Games' sequel features a variety of high-powered weapons and plenty of targets, from harmless deer to ferocious grizzly bears. That said, we have video walkthroughs of the game's kills. With this in mind, check out the first five below. [Download: iOS|Android]

1.) White-tail Deer

2.) Bighorn Sheep

3.) White-tail Buck

4.) White-tail Buck (Night)

5.) White-tail Deer (Lung shot)

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