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Strong was the Force with September...

With the likes of Angry Birds Star Wars 2, FIFA 14, and Terraria arriving on Android, it's safe to say that September was a blockbuster month for the platform. There were plenty of smaller gems in the release schedule too though, with Pivvot being a particular stand-out title.

Here's our roundup of the top ten Android games released in September.

10. Heroes of Loot

Do you like hitting monsters over the head? Do you - in particular - like hitting monsters over the head until a flood of loot falls out of their twitching corpses? If you answered yes to both of those questions, Heroes of Loot's randomly generated dungeons will keep you busy for a very long time indeed.

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9. Shadowrun Returns

This reinvention of the Shadowrun series arrives courtesy of Kickstarter and it turned out pretty well thankfully. Modojo's Chris Buffa particularly enjoyed the game's compelling storyline, detailed city design, and the extensive customization options available.

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8. Infectonator: Hot Chase

Even if you're thoroughly sick and tired of the endless stream of endless runners that hit the app stores, you should still make time for Infectonator: Hot Chase. The retro graphics are adorable, the free-to-play system isn't nearly as offensive as in certain other games, and there are loads of power-ups to greedily unlock.

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7. Pivvot

Pivvot appears to be simplicity itself. All you have to do is guide an avatar along a twisting pathway, rotating it around its pivot in order to avoid colliding with the traps littered throughout each course. The difficulty soon ramps up however, and while you'll experience moments of frustration, Pivvot is a hugely satisfying game.

Pivvot - Review | Cheats And Tips

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6. MotoHeroz

It's taken far too long for MotoHeroz to crop up on the Android marketplace, but at least it's finally ours to enjoy. Created by the devious minds behind the Trials series, you'll need to guide your buggy through some seriously tricky terrain. Great fun, and a real challenge to boot.

Download MotoHeroz - iOS | Android

5. Pocket Trains

All aboard! NimbleBit has made its name by crafting outstanding and addictive micro-sims such as Pocket Planes and Tiny Tower. Pocket Trains is a very worthy addition to the studio's catalog of titles, and will suck every bit of your life you're prepared to give it. Unmissable for fans of the previous games.

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4. Deer Hunter 2014

Creeping around the woods shooting quietly grazing forest animals seems a bit of a guilty pleasure to us, but we have to admit we had an awful lot of fun playing the latest Deer Hunter. Grab your rifle, fit your infrared scope, and let's show Bambi's mother who's boss...

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3. Terraria

Terraria took its sweet time coming to iOS and Android devices, and we've barely been able to put the game down since we got our hands on it. Exploration and crafting are the names of the game here, and Minecraft nuts will definitely get a kick out of this 2D take on world-building.

Terraria - Review | Cheats And Tips

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2. FIFA 14

You won't get a better soccer experience on your mobile than a good old game of FIFA, and this year's edition introduces a very slick new tap control system. However you choose to play the game, this is still one of the must-have annual titles - and it's free to download too.

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Download FIFA 14 - iOS | Android

1. Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Predictable? Yes. Worthy of taking the crown this month? Predictably so! You'll get the most out of this sequel to the superb Angry Birds Star Wars if you own one of the hardware Pods, but even without one there's loads to be enjoyed here. Rovio does it again, and don't pretend you're not about to grab this latest helping of the Angry Birds franchise.

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