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Love on the run.

Rakoo's Adventure - Review | Cheats And Tips

"Another endless runner?", you're probably thinking to yourself as you look at Rakoo's Adventure, and at first it really does look like just another romp in the forest until you run out of gas. Don't be put off though, because Old Skull Games has put enough charm into this game to make it worth a look, even if you think you've mastered everything this genre has to offer.

Rakoo himself is a simple raccoon, but he finds his world shaken up when he dreams of a silvery maiden who captures his heart. He sets out to find this new-found love in real life, only to discover that the world outside is filled with dangerous enemies and perils. Thankfully, with the power of love by his side (and a few silly hats to unlock), he has no trouble chasing his heart's desire.

The theme alone has some charm to it, but the presentation by Old Skull is just as likeable. The animated graphics are excellent, even as the game scrolls along at a fair old clip. The only downside is that all this prettiness takes quite a while to load up - about a minute or two - before things finally get going.


Once they do, however, Rakoo's Adventure pays off. You control the gameplay using a simple touch-and-drag system, moving Rakoo around the stage while collecting bonus bunny coins - used to unlock levels - and flowers. The better you do, the more goodies you can acquire from the game's shop. These include hats and pets that change Rakoo's appearance, although you can always still see the lovelorn look in his eyes.

Power-ups also come in handy throughout the game, and the goodies on offer range from a magnet that automatically draws flowers towards our hero, to a hot pepper that transforms him into a running inferno. Our personal favorite, however, is the giant bear he can ride and use to smack groups of enemies out of the way.


There are a number of levels to clear, but they all follow one general forest theme, with two additional settings promised as future content. It's a shame there's not more diversity in the background design, but the levels themselves will certainly keep you coming back again and again until you've grabbed every flower and coin. The bonus and boss levels are enjoyable as well.

Best of all, Rakoo's Adventure doesn't hang a "freemium" weight around your neck. It costs $1.99 to purchase, and from there you can unlock most of what the game has to offer using flowers collected throughout the game. There is an option to buy items, bu you won't really need to unless you mess up an awful lot.


Rakoo's Adventure doesn't reinvent the endless runner, but it takes its unique theme and rolls with it, offering up some very entertaining gameplay and an abundance of unlockable goodies.. If you're a fan of the genre, or looking for something for younger players to enjoy, you're likely to fall in love with it.

Rakoo's Adventure - Review | Cheats And Tips

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What's Hot:Solid controls, adorable presentation, plenty of items to unlock, and some fun power-ups.

What's Not:Only one type of level them available thus far, and loading takes a fair while.


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