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Make every shot count with our essential guide to the game.

Arcade Ball - Review | Cheats And Tips

Arcade Ball may be a very simple game, but it's also an incredibly addictive one too. If you're looking to pick up some swift victories online, take a look through our essential tips for success.

- If your shot's off by just a fraction, you can gently tilt your device in any direction to add a little spin to the ball. It's well worth practicing with this system, as it can very often make the difference between success and failure in online matches. If you don't do it, your opponents will.

- It's very tempting to move your device to add spin as you're rolling the ball - try to avoid this. You'll get a much easier idea of your shot's trajectory if you let it take off before adding refinement through spin. You can add too much spin as well, so just gentle nudge the ball towards its desired position.

- Until you're absolutely sure you've mastered the 100 point scores, resist the urge to try for those golden ticket shots. In the early days, you're more likely to miss the shot - meaning you miss out on tickets and a decent score.


- If, on the other hand, the golden shot is located in the 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 point holes, then it's always worth attempting the shot. In order to reach these holes, make a very direct swipe down the ramp and directly through these scoring holes. How fast you swipe determines which one you'll arrive at, but remember to add a little spin if necessary.

- Other players taking a little too long to take their turn in Arcade Ball? You don't need to wait for them to get on with it, as you can have a number of different matches happening at the same time. Just start up another game and you'll be notified when your other games are ready for you!

- The best way to beat other players online in Arcade Ball is to go for the 50 point shots. You might think the 100s are better, but most players won't be good enough to consistently nail them at this point. 50s are very easy to master when you've got the spin system down though, so stick to these for reliable victories.


- Don't forget to take the free Daily Spin each day from the menu screen. This will reward you with any number of prizes, from tickets, to tokens, to mystery objects for your collections.

- You can change the appearance of the board layout in Arcade Ball, but you'll have to unlock each one for a large number of tickets first. Once you've unlocked it, simply tap on the board from within the collections page to put it into play.

- Here's a breakdown of the power-ups in Arcade Ball, and what each one does.



Put this power-up into play, and you'll throw three balls into the play area with your next shot. Obviously this makes applying spin more than a little tricky!

Double Points

Feeling lucky? Applying this power-up will double the points score of your next shot. Stick to 50s if you've yet to master the 100 holes - these will definitely give you an edge in online multiplayer.


If you've really messed up your last shot, and things are tight in your online battle, spending a token on a Redo will allow you to take your final shot again. Use these on the final shot of each round to take advantage of the super slow-mo too.

Arcade Ball - Review | Cheats And Tips

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