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Mummy knows best.

Escape From Doom - Review | Cheats And Tips

There's always room for another good endless runner. Especially one that works from a first-person perspective. Oh, and has mummies in it too.

Trigger Happy Games' Escape From Doom cleverly mixes elements from the endless running genre with content that's reminiscent of Universal's remake of The Mummy. You play a lowly treasure hunter who barely escapes from a crumbling temple, only to find himself having to deal with a horde of mummy warriors who want to kill him.

There is one very interesting addition to Escape From Doom that sets it apart from other runners though - weapons. You can pick up a pistol at the beginning of the game, acquire other upgrades throughout the game, and even earn various perks that help you to keep your run going.

The Good

Escape From Doom benefits from some outstanding visuals, and it's even fun to watch when the mummies get a little too close and start ripping you apart. The simple controls also work well for the most part, and the upgrade system is very fair, allowing you to unlock perks and weapons with ease. The game also gives you various goals to keep things interesting, whether that's killing a certain number of mummies, or collecting keys for treasure chests.

The Bad

Though the controls work great for the most part, there are some slight problems with hit detection. Sometimes your bullets will miss their intended targets, and at other times, a mummy you didn't see will hit you, seemingly from out of nowhere. The in-game music also could've used a little more variety. Lastly, the frame-rate skips occasionally, particularly when the mummies get very close to you.

The Verdict

In spite of some minor flaws, Escape From Doom represents a great addition to the endless runner genre. The affordable price, the array of weapons, and the exquisite visuals should keep you running back to mummy again and again.

Escape From Doom - Review | Cheats And Tips

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