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Stumbling block.

Random Runners - Review | Cheats And Tips

Random Runners is the latest release from Ravenous Games, who previously brought us the lovely League of Evil series as well as Random Heroes.

The studio's new game is a runner with a twist, as you work your way through various levels, dodging pits and low-hanging spike balls, while using weapons to shoot any enemies that get in your way.

The Good

Fans of 16-bit SNES platformers will immediately fall head over heels in love with Random Runners' presentation. It evokes the spirit of those gaming years wonderfully, from the level design, the fun character animations, and the music that sounds like it was crafted using the SNES's sound chip.

There's a nice number of unlockables too, from guns that give you more firepower, to more cosmetic accessories such as the hockey mask or the Viking helmet. If you don't mind a bit of a grind, you can unlock all of these using the coins and gems acquired during play.

The Bad

The game is heinously difficult at times, and the controls aren't entirely accurate. Wall-jumping is near impossible due to inaccuracies, and the constant forward movement of your character doesn't give you much room to plot out your course.

Worse yet, you can't jump too high at first using the default character, and the pistol you start out with is relatively weak. It's the game's way of telling you to upgrade or give up basically. That means using real money to get hold of the goods - or risk running through the same stages over and over in order to slowly earn them.


Despite a presentation that's right up Ravenous Games' alley, Random Runners gets nowhere fast due to its punishing level design and two-tier reward system. Hardcore gamers may feel right at home here, but others may want to stick to old-school platformers that give them a better chance at success. Ravenous' own League of Evil series certainly comes to mind.

Random Runners - Review | Cheats And Tips

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