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Simogo returns with another unmissable slice of surrealism.

Device 6 sees Simogo Games building on the weird brilliance of Year Walk with an adventure that blends exploration and puzzling in ways that you will never expect.

It's a text adventure at heart, in which you play as Anna, a girl who wakes up to find she's been transported to a mysterious island with no idea how she got there or what she's meant to do. As you move her around the game's environments, the story and the central mystery unfold as one - and it makes for some of the finest iPhone gaming moments in recent memory.

The Good

Device 6 looks like nothing else - a maze of text where a single sentence will take you around corners, send you trailing back on yourself, and give handfuls of strange, interactive glimpses of the game's peculiar universe. The whole thing's a joy to look at, and well-designed puzzles make it a joy to play too, as you crack codes, hunt for secrets, and slowly reconstruct your own past.

The Bad

When the adventure's this exciting, you can't help but wish for more. Device 6 will keep you busy for an afternoon, but it will almost certainly leave you wanting more at the end of it all.

The Verdict

Simogo's come up with another unmissable game - an ingenious slice of puzzling adventure that's as imaginative as it is stylish. Whether you played Year Walk or not, you can't let this one pass you by.

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