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The biggest new releases available from the App Store today.

Another week has flown by in mobile gaming, and a massive drop of brand new games hit the App Store at midnight last night. We've picked out the very biggest new releases that we'll be playing over the next week or so. Let us know your favorite picks in the comments section.

ARC Squadron: Redux

App Store description:

"An evil race known as the Guardians is taking over the universe, ravaging planets, and killing all peaceful life forms. You are the galaxy's only hope for salvation. As an elite pilot serving in the ARC Squadron, you are tasked to take on the Guardians in head-to-head combat and bring down their empire."

Download ARC Squadron: Redux - iPhone & iPad

Batman: Arkham Origins

App Store description:

"Prove your worth as Gotham's Dark Knight, facing off against a slew of deadly assassins and their thugs in the new mobile game, Batman Arkham Origins. Fight your way through Gotham City's most dangerous locales in this free to play brawler from NetherRealm Studios."

Download Batman: Arkham Origins - iPhone & iPad

CSR Classics

App Store description:

"A brand new game in the CSR series, CSR Classics sets the benchmark in graphics and gameplay. Get ready to race! Take your pick from the finest automobiles ever produced, including classic models from Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Lancia, Mercedes, MINI, Nissan, Plymouth, Pontiac, and Shelby."

Download CSR Classics - iPhone & iPad

Device 6

App Store description:

"A surreal thriller in which the written word is your map, as well as your narrator. Device 6 plays with the conventions of games and literature, entwines story with geography and blends puzzle and novella, to draw players into an intriguing mystery of technology and neuroscience."

Device 6 - Review

Download Device 6 - iPhone & iPad

Fist Of Awesome

App Store description:

"When Tim Burr's family disappeared and his house spontaneously burst into flames he thought his day was as about bad as it could get. That's when his hand became self-aware and broke the horrific news that the world was now ruled by bears. Join Tim as he embarks on an epic battle across time and space, unraveling the bear-ridden damage to Earth's timeline. It's a bit like Quantum Leap but with more bears and lumberjacks."

Download Fist Of Awesome - iPhone & iPad

Indigo Lake

App Store description:

"Indigo Lake is an intelligent psychological horror game that mixes first person combat, driving and puzzle solving. Explore an open world, translate ancient American Indian pictograms and dispel spirits with unique rituals."

Download Indigo Lake - iPhone & iPad

Machinarium Pocket Edition

App Store description:

"An award-winning adventure game by the makers of Samorost and Botanicula. Finally available also for iPhones with pinch-to-zoom feature, achievements and more."

Download Machinarium Pocket Edition - iPhone & iPad

Mega Dead Pixel

App Store description:

"When pixels collide, it's game over! Tap to steer your plucky pixel left and right as it descends through a minefield of dangerous retro shapes to build up your meter and transform into the almighty Mega Pixel."

Download Mega Dead Pixel - iPhone & iPad

Paint It Back

App Store description:

"The art has disappeared from the gallery! Can you paint it back? Recreate lost paintings by using your mind! Use logic as your paintbrush to solve each painting's unique puzzle!"

Download Paint It Back - iPhone & iPad

Pocket Titans

App Store description:

"Use your wits and cunning to defeat the invading Orc Horde in this fun new RPG puzzle adventure. Slide your Titans into position to unleash their devastating attacks on the invaders, but beware, these fearsome foes do fight back!"

Download Pocket Titans - iPhone & iPad

Rabbids Big Bang

App Store description:

"Forget the Milky Way! This is the Rabbids Way! Rabbids Big Bang is the first Rabbids physics-based game on mobile devices that lets you pilot a Rabbid in space with the tip of your finger!"

Download Rabbids Big Bang - iPhone & iPad

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