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Our beginner's guide to ruling the Knight in style.

Batman: Arkham Origins - Cheats And Tips | Combat Guide | Review

Although its micro-transactions can be a little unfair at times - especially when it comes to going up against the most famous foes - Batman: Arkham Origins remains a thrilling beat-em-up that no comic book fan should miss out on experiencing. It's free to play too, so it won't cost you anything to at least try.

Here are some tips to help get you started in your foray through Gotham City.

How do the suits work in Batman: Arkham Origins?

When you begin the game, you'll be given the basic Origins suit, but several others are available which will increase your Damage, Speed, Block and Damage Reduction stats. As you might expect, they require a good amount of money - regular or WayneTech - to unlock.

How do Upgrades work in Batman: Arkham Origins?

The Upgrades system covers three areas - Skills, Assault Stance and Guarded Stance. Skills give you access to improved fighting moves, Assault Stances provides different attack styles and utilities, and Guarded Stance provides different defensive capabilities. Note that some of these require you to be a certain level before they become unlocked.

How do I boost my Upgrades in Batman: Arkham Origins?

The Upgrades you put into play aren't set in stone, and you can spend some of your in-game currency to enhance them. The more you improve your Upgrades, the more powerful Batman becomes overall. How exactly you make these enhancements will largely come down to personal preference - experiment and see which ones work for you based on your own strengths and weaknesses.

How many missions are there in Batman: Arkham Origins?


There are four areas of the city you'll fight through in the game - Uptown Gotham (where you begin), The Docks, Downtown Gotham and the Industrial District. Each one of these zones has its fair share of missions where you beat up an assortment of thugs. Get through enough zones and you'll even unlock a new assassin to fight against, but be warned - they're seriously tough.

Do I need to pay any real money in Batman: Arkham Origins?

Eventually, you'll probably reach a point where you'll have to put down real money to get ahead. You'll use general currency and WayneTech coins throughout the game - and in fact, you'll receive a minimal amount of both when you start - and you can earn more through missions. However, you'll run out sooner rather than later, and need to put down money through in-app purchases.

How do I refill my stamina in Batman: Arkham Origins?

Your stamina bar contains ten units, but it will dwindle down to around 2-4 whenever you accept a new missions. Once it runs out, the only way to fill it up again is to either wait or an hour or so, or buy new stamina units via the in-app purchase store. The purchases aren't forced, but unless you feel like grinding through low-to-mid level throughout the game, you might have to put down a few dollars.

How does the combat system work in Batman: Arkham Origins?


You perform quick hits by tapping on the screen, power strikes by sliding your finger in the indicated direction by the pointer, and blocks by holding two fingers down on the screen. Blocks are highly recommended when an enemy starts glowing orange, as this indicates they're about to go into an unstoppable attack.

When should I block in Batman: Arkham Origins?

Any time you see an opponent glow orange, this means they're about to launch one of their devastating attacks. Whatever you're doing when this happens, switch to a blocking stance to survive the onslaught.

How do I unlock special attacks in Batman: Arkham Origins?

You'll unlock special attacks during the course of playing the game. These range from a super kick that will wipe most enemies out cold, to a health boost - or even a power boost which lasts through numerous missions

How do I beat the combat mini-games in Batman: Arkham Origins?


When an assassin opponent launches an unblockable assault, you'll enter a mini-game. Here, you'll have to either swipe your finger quickly with a glowing bar, or tap on specific sections of the screen. The more accurate you are during these sections, the better job you'll do of turning the tables on your foe. Practice makes perfect, so good luck!

Batman: Arkham Origins - Cheats And Tips | Combat Guide | Review

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