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Sega's blue mascot makes a welcome reappearance on Nintendo's 3DS.

Sonic Generations 3DS left many fans wanting more, so Sega reloaded with Sonic Lost World. Although this portable effort bears the same title and story as its Wii U counterpart, it features brand-new levels and of course, glasses 3D effects. Unlike Generations, thankfully, Lost World comes with a significant amount of content, and when combined with the enjoyable platforming, there's little to complain about.

The plot revolves around Eggman's goal to destroy Sonic with a small band of monsters called the Deadly Six. The gang eventually rebels, forcing the blue blur to team up with his arch nemesis. Considering Mario an Bowser occasionally put aside their differences to defeat a common foe, this unexpected partnership was long overdue.

The Good

Sonic Lost World comes with familiar staples from the franchise, including mechanical enemies, thousands of gold rings to collect and traditional Sonic maneuvers like the Homing Attack and Spin Dash. That said, it doesn't necessarily play like older Sonic games. Sega put a heavy emphasis on exploration, and while gamers will still wind around loops and fly off jump pads, the majority of the levels come in "U" and cylinder shapes filled with secret items like extra lives and Red Star Rings. Although we normally prefer super Sonic speed, as seen in games like Sonic CD for iOS and Android, the somewhat slower pace works surprisingly well, and if fans crave a bit of nostalgia, imaginatively-designed side-scrolling levels hark back to the Genesis glory days.

The Bad

Gamers interested in the story will have to put up with horribly pixelated cut scenes. On top of that, it's sometimes difficult identifying what lies ahead in both the 2D and 3D stages, which leads to some unfair deaths. We also give the thumbs down to RC vehicles, which give players a cheap advantage over stages, as they fire missiles via fighter jet and fly over hazards without consequence. While ideal for younger unskilled players, the concept doesn't mesh well with the game.

The Verdict

Considering how disappointed we were with Generations, Lost World is the Sonic game 3DS deserved. The wealth of tricky environments, hidden items and even four-person races for ambitious players make it a worthwhile purchase, even at $39.99. Look for it October 29.

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