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Even the smallest warriors can pack an impressive punch.

Pocket Titans - Cheats And Tips | Review

If you're looking to get into role-playing games, but don't want to be bombarded with overwhelming depth, then Pocket Titans is every inch the game for you. It's packed full of all the tactical battles and leveling-up you'd expect from an RPG, but it has a simplified "touch-and-slide" control system that's very easy to get to grips with. While things are certainly simpler, there are still plenty of weapons to loot and unlock as you play though the game too.

While Pocket Titans isn't built with the hardcore RPG fan in mind, it does have several quests to tackle and and a decent selection of characters to master, whether you prefer to take charge of a magical wizard character, or get stuck in with a good old sword and shield.

The Good

This is a great role-playing experience for kids and amateur players. You'll unlock plenty of new items for your characters as you make your way through the game's journey, and the ability to mix and match your party for each battle is a nice touch that adds variety. The gameplay is easy to get into as well, whether you're playing on your own or battling friends in turn-based multiplayer.

although the presentation may be a little too cutesy for some, the character design is effective and each class looks and feels distinctive. The brief voice snippets provided for each character are fun to listen to as well.

The Bad

While the game does a great job of taking away a lot of the pain of decision-making, in doing so it takes away the freedom of choice. You hardly make any decisions at all, beyond the attack types your characters use, or what weapons they carry. Although the gameplay is fun, it does get old after a while. Even the introduction of larger, boss-like enemies can't make up for the simple combat mechanics that dominate throughout, and things soon start to feel repetitive.

The Verdict

It's not likely to worry the likes of Final Fantasy any time soon, but Pocket Titans provides a pretty fun RPG experience that's definitely worth the one dollar asking price.

Pocket Titans - Cheats And Tips | Review

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