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More of a whimper.

Rabbids Big Bang sees Ubisoft's mischievous creatures make the leap into a new, yet also very familiar area of mobile gaming - the good old fashioned physics puzzler. Overall, it's pretty clear that the hand of Angry Birds Space has played a big part in this game's genesis.

After launching your Rabbid with the use of a baseball bat, you'll have to carefully weave between gravitational fields and make delicate use of a jetpack to achieve a wide variety of objectives - collect so many fuel pods to top up your jetpack, collide with a certain item, or orbit a particular planet a handful of times.

The Good

Despite its influences, this is a pretty original and fun title. There's all of the trademark daft Rabbids humor you'd expect, and a lot of imagination has been put into the game's varied challenges to keep things fresh. It looks good too, and there are plenty of upgrades to unlock in exchange for the coins you earn from completing levels.

The Bad

The game does a frankly terrible job of explaining how to control your tumbling Rabbid, and we suspect many gamers will give up and rue their dollar spent before mastering the controls. Even when you've become as good as you'll ever be with the controls, you're left with a nagging suspicion that the game has been designed around the cash store. Jetpack fuel top-ups and upgrades can be bought with game cash or real money, and you'll often feel obliged to do the former in this premium download.

The Verdict

If you can get over the fiddly controls and erratic challenge of Rabbids Big Bang, you'll probably get a dollar's worth of fun out of the game, and it's by no means without its charms. Those with less patience - and who expect the same degree of polish as that found in more famous physics puzzlers - should proceed more cautiously.

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