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We'll help you make an impact on this tricky new Rabbids game.

Rabbids Big Bang can be a fiddly affair, but if you can overcome the control system there's a lot to like about the game. Here are our top tips for getting on top of this new harebrained physics puzzler.

- To launch your Rabbid, tap on the aiming reticule in the direction you want him to head off in. Don't tap from the direction you wish the bat to begin its swing from, something we did for at least the first handful of levels...

- When it comes to firing your jetpack, make sure your tumbling Rabbid is facing in the direction you wish to fire him towards, not the direction he's heading in generally. If he's traveling very quickly, you'll need to burn for longer to get him going in the direction you choose. If he's moving slowly, be very gentle in applying the thruster.

- Don't hang around in a level that's gone awry, as if you can't buy a jetpack fuel top-up, it doesn't matter how much progress you've made. It's better to simply start again and complete the earlier, easier sections more efficiently.


- Very often, less is more when it comes to firing your jetpack in Rabbids Big Bang. It's better to ride the gravitational wave of a planet, and tweak with jetpack burn, then head straight towards your objective at full blast. That way if your aiming is a little off, you can easily make an adjustment.

- Be aware that you don't have to hit an item directly in order for it to be registered as collected. As long as you pass within a centimeter or so of the item, it'll get hoovered up automatically. Use this to grab coins more easily - worry about passing just between them rather than directly over them.

- There are two key upgrades you can make in Rabbids Big Bang. The first enhances your launching power, while the second gives you a more powerful, or fuel-efficient jetpack. They're both pretty important upgrades, so we recommend splitting your coins between the two, and leveling them up evenly side by side.


- Time your initial launches very carefully if there are orbiting objects that you might need to grab to complete a mission. Prepare your launch mentally, then execute it when the objects orbit into a position that's beneficial to you.

- Don't worry about hitting the dirt if you're very close to completing a final objective. As long as you achieve what you need to achieve, a colossal disaster afterwards won't stop you from completing the mission! Just do what you have to do to get the job done.

- We like a silly costume as much as the next person, but if you're not bothered about looks, save your coins for the launcher and jetpack upgrades. These can really make a difference when it comes to beating a seriously tough level, so make your sure your hard-earned coins work equally hard for you.

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