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Master the Dark Knight with a little help from us.

Batman: Arkham Origins - Cheats And Tips | Combat Guide | Review

Last week we reviewed WB Games' Batman: Arkham Origins, a pretty good mobile game that pits the Dark Knight against a horde of assassins and villains. We also covered the basics of fighting and suits in the game through our Cheats and Tips section, talking about how you could master the various skills in the game.

Still, there's a little more to the combat than you might expect, so we've put together some more tips to help explain how to get used to the techniques Batman uses, such as blocking and the use of special abilities. We'll break it down section by section so you get an idea of how it all works.


Suits don't just provide a cosmetic change for Batman .They also each have their own levels of Damage, Speed, Block and Damage Reduction stats, improving your skills as you earn new ones. You'll start with the basic Origins costume when you begin, but you'll have access to various others over time, some of which will seem familiar if you're an avid reader of the comic books.

One you'll want to take advantage of is the Red Son costume. You unlock this by registering your game with the WB Games account - it's free - and connecting it to the console version of the game, which releases this Friday. While the costume is a bit more outlandish than most of Batman's darker fare, it increases your strength tremendously.



When it comes to improving your general fighting tactics, you've got three general areas to work with. Skills provides you with a number of new tools, as well as improvements to your current combos. Assault Stance gives you access to new attack styles and other utilities, while Guarded Stance introduces new defensive maneuvers, which you'll use when it comes to stronger enemies in the game - the top-level assassins like Deathstroke and Bane.

When it comes to choosing what to upgrade first, the best way to start is by pushing your assault tactics. Work on improving your Fisticuffs fighting style first, as the stronger you get, the quicker you'll be able to take down opponents.

From there, open up new abilities that will give you an advantage in a fight. These include the Shock Gauntlets which deliver an electrical charge for extra damage to your foes, as well as a combat boost, providing a temporary strength increase. These can make all the difference, especially when fighting tougher enemies. Otherwise, you'll get the wind knocked out of you in later missions and daily challenges.

Blocking and Striking


Finally, let's talk about combat. When it comes to taking on enemies, there are two general things to keep in mind - blocking incoming attacks and striking back accordingly.

With blocking, you can either use the shield icon in the corner to block, or hold two fingers down anywhere on the screen. The finger system works better since the shield button is tucked away in the corner of the screen.

It's best to block when you have an enemy charging in with an attack - after you take out one of their allies - or when they begin to glow with an unstoppable move. Following the block, strike hard and fast to catch them off guard.

When it comes to going on the offensive, you tap on the screen to execute your quick hits, and combine these with swipes, depending on where glowing arrows are pointing. You'll want to complete these as quickly as possible to keep the flow of the combo going, and deliver more damage to your foes. Hit these in succession and you can actually wipe out an opponent pretty cleanly.

On occasion, you'll need to complete a mini-game in order to survive an incoming attack or deliver a powerful blow. If you're "dizzied", you can tap on a circle in the screen as quickly as possible to recover and continue your assault. If an assassin or some other opponent has you in a grip move, you can slide your finger continuously in the direction of a glowing arrow to break free and fight back. They're quick mini-games, but it helps to master them, especially when your overall strength is involved.

Good luck! Don't let the Bat down!

Batman: Arkham Origins - Cheats And Tips | Combat Guide | Review

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