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The latest and greatest games for your Android phone or tablet.

When it comes to new Android games, the release schedule has certainly picked up since last week's rather thin offering. From a new Call of Duty game, to this year's cutest puzzler, we think gamers of all tastes should be well catered for this week though.

Here then is our round-up of the best new Android games to hit Google Play over the last seven days.

Call of Duty: Strike Team

Fans desperate to scratch that Call of Duty itch prior to the launch of Ghosts next month could do a lot worse than grab Strike Team for their mobiles. A blend of first and third-person shooter action, this mobile Call of Duty packs in plenty of bang for your buck.

Call of Duty: Strike Team - Review | Cheats And Tips

Download Call of Duty: Strike Team - Android | iPhone & iPad

Random Heroes

Those who prefer their mobile gaming to have a little more of a retro flavor should check out just about any of Ravenous Games' titles, but Random Heroes is a fine place to start. This action platformer is the perfect homage to 16-bit gaming, and not just when it comes to looks either - Random Heroes packs a mean challenge too.

Random Heroes - Review | Cheats And Tips

Download Random Heroes - Android | iPhone & iPad

Ghost Toasters - Regular Show

Adult Swim rarely fails to deliver when it comes to gaming on the go, and if you crave something a little light-hearted this week, put Ghost Toasters to the top of your list. Just in time for the Halloween season, Ghost Toasters features a host of characters from Regular Show fighting through bags of challenging levels.

Download Ghost Toasters - Regular Show: Android | iPhone & iPad

Ultraman Galaxy


With its slot-machine, puzzle game, card-battling, role-playing elements, it's safe to say that this rare Ultraman outing takes an "everything but the kitchen sink" approach to game design. Still, you can't say there isn't a whole load of content to unlock - 400 character cards, 100 and more missions to battle through, and multiplayer when you've managed to exhaust all that.

Download Ultraman Galaxy - Android


Skip-Bo the app is about as addictive as Skip-Bo the card-playing game, which is to say very addictive indeed. The AI's pretty decent, but it's your friends you'll want to really compete with on the leaderboards which reset every week.

Download Skip-Bo - Android | iPhone & iPad

Wake The Cat

Don't be put off by the rather dull name, Wake The Cat really won us over when we reviewed the game at the beginning of the year. You'll need to gently roll a ball of yarn around some very cleverly designed levels to bypass all the obstacles, and carefully nudge the kitten awake.

Wake The Cat - Review | Cheats And Tips

Download Wake The Cat - Android | iPhone & iPad

Mechs Vs Aliens

Mech suits? Check. Aliens? Check. Weapons and upgrades? Check again. Mechs Vs Aliens is one of the better free to play games you can pick up for your Android device, and we think any fan of turn-based battling will get a kick out of this recently released tactical combat game.

Download Mechs Vs Aliens - Android | iPhone & iPad

Hello Kitty Cafe Seasons

Hello Kitty Cafe Seasons won't be to every gamer's tastes, but there's no denying the popular of the cute little cat. This Halloween-flavored version of Hello Kitty Cafe will have you tapping away at the time management game all over again.

Download Hello Kitty Cafe Seasons - Android

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