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Ten essential puzzle games for your new iPad Air.

In just a couple of days, gamers around the world will be able to get their hands on Apple's new iPad Air hardware. Thinner, faster, and lighter, we're confident this powerful new kit is going to be great news for tablet gaming.

We've already brought you our pick of the best free games you can get for your iPad Air overall, now here's a closer look at one of our favorite areas of gaming - the humble puzzle game.

10. Bejeweled

As the game that kicked off the mobile match-three craze, Bejeweled deserves a home on every iPad Air. This type of gameplay has evolved a great deal since the game's launch, but in terms of visual appeal, addictive gameplay, and crisp presentation, Bejeweled is quite simply an old master that every puzzle gamer should own.

Download Bejeweled - iPhone ($0.99) | iPad ($3.99)

9. Dots: A Game About Connecting

Dots may be a little too simple for many puzzle gamers, but it's still worth checking out. Your task is nothing tougher than connecting colored dots together in the longest line possible, but you might be surprised at how competitive you become against your friends when it comes to the leaderboards.

Dots: A Game About Connecting- Video Guides

Download Dots: A Game About Connecting - iOS Universal (Free)

8. Flow Free

Flow Free does a wonderful job of taking a core puzzle concept that's initially easy to solve, but soon becomes seriously challenging. All you have to do is connect pairs of dots of the same color together with a single line. The catch? The lines can't ever cross, and every square on the grid must have a line passing through it.

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Download Flow Free - iOS Universal (Free)

7. Quell Memento

Quell Memento's presentation is as exquisite as its puzzle design, and is a must-have download for puzzle fans. Across a series of chapters, the core challenge of guiding orbs against walls is fleshed out with new and highly imaginative mechanics. If you crave variety as well as a generous selection of levels, Quell Memento is an essential purchase for your iPad Air.

Quell Memento - Review | Cheats And Tips

Download Quell Memento - iOS Universal ($2.99)

6. Puzzle Craft

Puzzle Craft brings together the unlikely bedfellows of empire building and match-three gaming to create one of our favorite games of last year. You'll have to harvest food to feed workers, so they can mine for longer, so you can build bigger houses, in one of the most absorbing puzzle games you can get for your new iPad Air. The circle of life captured perfectly in digital form.

Puzzle Craft - Review | Cheats And Tips

Download Puzzle Craft - iOS Universal (Free)

5. Dungeon Raid

Dungeon Raid offered a truly innovative take on match-three gaming when it was released, and to this day the game is still capable of gobbling up hours of our free time. It's not just about creating a high-score here, you'll need to match up defensive and offensive tile types in order to deal with the invading enemies that litter the game board. A magical iPad Air puzzle game.

Download Dungeon Raid - iOS Universal ($1.99)

4. Stickets

Stickets' gameplay is simple, yet brutally challenging. Within a very limited amount of gameplay space, you'll need to very carefully slot in a series of tetrominos as you pursue your next high score. The superbly economical gameplay extends to the crisp but primitive visuals too - this is one game that will never leave your iPad Air.

Stickets - Review

Download Stickets - iPhone ($2.99)

3. 10000000

It may have one of the most annoying game titles to type out - and feature a bizarre blend of genres - but 10000000 isn't just for fans of eccentric indie gaming. Everyone should play this fantastic runner-meets-RPG-meets-match-three masterpiece. It's a game where every run contributes to your growing powers, and a new high score is always around the next corner. It's not a game that will show off the power of your new iPad Air, but you frankly won't care.

10000000 - Review | Cheats And Tips

Download 10000000 - iOS Universal ($1.99)

2. Drop7

Drop7 is still considered by many to be the App Store's finest puzzle game, and we've certainly got more than a soft spot for this incredibly challenging game. Your task is to create stacks of tiles, then shatter open those tiles by dropping numbered blocks that match the height of the column. It's certainly a tricky game, but it's also sublimely balanced, and gradual progress with practice is assured.

Download Drop7 - iOS Universal ($2.99)

1. Slydris

A superb evolution of classic Tetris gameplay, Slydris has taken more hours from our sore fingers than just about any other touchscreen game we can recall. Each game mode in Slydris could justify the download cost by itself, so don't hesitate to add this incredible puzzler to your iPad Air download list.

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Download Slydris - iOS Slydris (iOS)

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