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Our guide to (maybe) surviving the game's treacherous caves.

Everyday Spelunker - Cheats And Tips | Review

In its own way, Everyday Spelunker is something like the 8-bit equivalent of the Dark Souls series. OK you're not playing a knight - and it doesn't look as grimly pretty - but you're still likely to stare death in the face with every turn you take - even if that's just an accidental fall into the abyss.

With that in mind, here are our top hints and tips for surviving just a little bit longer underground.

How do I reach a new level in Everyday Spelunker?

Aside from surviving, you'll need to collect three keys which are scattered throughout each stage. They're usually tucked away in smaller parts of the cave, and guarded by an enemy - like the bat or the ghost - or just hidden in a deep catacomb. Don't be afraid to go down and get them, especially if you have the "unlimited lives" option turned on. With this enabled, you'll reappear near the place of your death, instead of having to start all the way back at the top of the level.

How can I disperse ghosts in Everyday Spelunker?

The dispersal gun is your main weapon, although it only works against one type of enemy - ghosts. You'll see and hear warnings when they're on screen, including a spooky theme and a change in the background. Before they get too close, activate your dispersal device and they'll slowly break up. Make sure you keep it turned on before they can touch you and take one of your precious lives.

How do I use bombs in Everyday Spelunker?

You'll find bombs scattered throughout each level, so be sure to pick them up whenever you see them. You'll mainly use these to get large rock formations out of your way - otherwise, you simply won't be able to continue. Press down on the virtual D-pad and press your attack button to light it. One word of warning though: once it's lit, RUN! Otherwise, if you're caught in the blast, you're down one life.

How do flares work in Everyday Spelunker?

You only have a limited amount of flares, so you'll only want to use them when you absolutely need to. You'll mainly whip these out to temporarily distract a bat that's flying overhead and dropping poop on you. Run out of flares?You can still get past these mucky creatures, but you'll have to time your movement with its attacks in order to avoid losing a life.

Why was I killed when I used a flare in Everyday Spelunker?


Once you light a flare, a small beam of light will come dropping down. It'll last a few seconds, and if you touch it you're dead. Use this opportunity to sneak past the area where the bat usually is - it'll reappear once the flare blast is gone.

How does the "rope assist" option work in Everyday Spelunker?

Climbing ropes in this game can be a bit iffy, especially when you bump your head on the ceiling, taking you out of range of the next one and costing you a life. Turning on "rope assist" enables you to grab them more easily, although you want to space yourself out so you don't hit your head on the ceiling, as you'll still miss ropes and ladders this way. Warning: by doing this, you won't be able to post scores on the leaderboard. You will, however, be less frustrated!

Do I really need "unlimited lives" in Everyday Spelunker?

We have to reiterate that this game is incredibly hard. Turning on "unlimited lives" doesn't solve all of your problems, as you'll only regenerate from the last point that you collected treasure from, and you'll have to contend with getting through dangerous areas again. It will, however, alleviate having to start all the way over at the beginning. We hate that.

Do I have to pay for additional content in Everyday Spelunker?

The core game is $3.99 and contains a fair amount of levels, just like the original NES version. Better still, with unlimited lives you'll actually get to see them all for the first time...maybe.

Two additional packs are also available for $.99 a pop. The first is Episode 2: Deep Into Another Mine, which features a fresh set of challenging new levels to take on. The second is Episode 3: New Challenges, which also features a variety of stages to challenge your platforming skills with. Even though you have "unlimited lives," both of these packs are seriously, seriously tough. Good luck.

Any other advice for getting through Everyday Spelunker?

Watch out for pits. Rock formations with hollow space underneath mean they'll crumble away at any second, so step lively and don't fall in. Otherwise, you lose a life. With moving platforms, avoid jumping from ones that are running side by side. Instead, simply run across. There's a much lower risk of falling off the side to your death that way.

Everyday Spelunker - Cheats And Tips | Review

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