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Gaijan delivers a magnificent mobile runner.

Bit.Trip Run - Cheats And Tips | Review

While Bit.Trip Run isn't the first of Gaijan Games' superb rhythm games to make an appearance on mobile phones, it is the first to be centered around what we consider to be the pinnacle of these tricky titles - the Runner series.

Specifically, it's a sort of remix of the PC sequel to Bit Trip Runner released earlier this year. That means Commander Video himself is here to race across an assortment of gorgeously colorful environments, packed with the sort of deliciously frustrating screen-tapping timing gameplay that makes these games so very, very satisfying.

The Good

There's lots to love about this first mobile outing for a jogging Commander Video. Controls are remarkably tight for a touchscreen - a tap of the screen helps him jump over objects, a slide downwards ducks him under danger, and side-swipes help him block and kick away objects. For the most part, the developers have done a very admirable job of directly porting over what works, and automating those aspects that simply wouldn't. Tough decisions made well, in other words.

The Bad

There's not an awful lot that's gone wrong in this very welcome addition to the Bit.Trip series. One complaint might be that the framerate occasionally slows a little, even on up-to-date iPad hardware - and you'll need to adjust your timing to compensate. Your ability to take every level down on the hardest settings will also depend on your innate mastery of touchscreen gaming - there's more finesse required than you might believe.

The Verdict

Anyone who's played and loved Commander Video's earlier adventures won't hesitate to download Bit.Trip.Run, and they're absolutely right to do so. Not played any of the other games? You're in for quite a treat, and that comparatively high download price shouldn't stand in your way for a moment.

Bit.Trip Run - Cheats And Tips | Review

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