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Our essential guide to scoring big in Gaijan's superb new runner.

Bit.Trip Run - Cheats And Tips | Review

Bit.Trip Run hit the App Store earlier this week, and not only were we impressed enough to give the game a mighty score of 4.5 out of 5 in our review earlier today, it also picked up our award for iOS Game of the Week. Not bad, eh?

These are tricky, fiddly games to master though, and so we've put together some essential hints and tips to help you get started.

- If you're on a mission to grab every last gold bar, but miss one during your run, just deliberately hit an obstacle and you'll be sent to the start or the mid-point checkpoint if you've passed it. You won't be penalized if this happens, and it's much quicker than doing another replay after finishing.

- There are plenty of levels to unlock in Bit.Trip Run, but you're going to need to those gold bars to unlock them. They can all be unlocked, as you'll earn even more gold bars for successfully completing them. Short on the basic bars? Go back to the earliest levels and clean them up completely for some very easy currency.

- If you want to sit at the top of the leaderboards, you're also going to have to nail that tricky cannonball mini-game. This points-booster only unlocks if you've gathered every gold bar in the level, and you'll need to get your timing just right for a bullseye. Wait til the cannon has reached it's highest angle, then tap the screen a quarter of a second afterwards. With practice you'll get the maximum points every time.


- You're not just limited to playing as Commander Video in the game. You can tap on his icon before the start of a level to switch to a different character. In order to unlock new characters in Bit.Trip Run, you need to gather even more gold bars - so choose carefully as you'll want these to get access to new levels first.

- If you're faced with a double-jump in Bit.Trip Run, make absolutely sure you remove your finger cleanly from the screen the moment you start clearing the first jump. There's a certain "stickiness" to the jump button that you'll need to overcome if you're to avoid being set back on your run.

- Did you know that you can get your character to do a little dance for bonus points in Bit.Trip Run? Swiping to the left of the screen will give you essential bonus points for boosting your leaderboard position. Once you've mastered the basics of the game, try working these little flourishes into your run while keeping a very close eye on any upcoming obstacles.


- Fortunately, the rather fiddly button press sequences for negotiating rotating wheels is gone in this mobile outing for Commander Video. Instead, you simply need to hit the 'TAP' button to make it passed these points. It doesn't matter when you hit the button - the points remain the same - but you'll find it useful to maintain rhythm with the music so you don't throw yourself off your timing in general.

- To unlock new worlds in Bit.Trip Run, you'll need to beat the boss from the previous world. While these fights are a little trickier than most of the levels, they are heavily checkpointed, so you should be able to force your way through even the trickiest fights given enough time.

- Is the challenge of Bit.Trip Run not quite challenging enough for you? Before starting a level, you can tap on the difficulty setting in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and make things even tougher. You won't get bonus gold bars for doing this though, so only feel obliged to do it if your runs are lacking a certain something.


- If things are just a little too tough for you to handle, here's something worth keeping in mind. Certain levels will branch off, with one path marked by a green arrow, and another marked with a red one. Take the green path every time - you'll still be able to grab just as many gold bars, but it'll be a much easier journey.

Bit.Trip Run - Cheats And Tips | Review

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