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Go ninja, go ninja, go!

NinJump Rooftops - Review | Cheats And Tips

While its simplistic nature may throw off gamers looking for a deeper mobile experience, NinJump Rooftops is a great new title from BackFlip Studios that will keep players entertained. With this in mind, here are some tips for aspiring runners.

How does gameplay work in NinJump Rooftops?

It's simple. Tap anywhere on the screen to make the ninja run and swing his sword - it's all done in one motion. You'll want to use this to avoid falling off rooftops and strike enemies within range.

Keep in mind that you can double jump as well, tapping the screen again while in mid-air to do it. This will help you make larger gaps in-between rooftops.

How do the power-ups work in NinJump Rooftops?

The first are your basic power-ups. The Superninja doubles your size, making it easier to collect coins in mid-air and grab higher ropes that you'd need to double-jump to reach normally.

The second is the Shield. This protects you from one hit anywhere on the map, but use it wisely, like avoiding a ninja star while passing under a flaming panel.

Our favorite, though, is the coin magnet. This automatically draws coins to your character as you run. This is especially useful if you have double coins activated.


How do the advanced power-ups work in NinJump Rooftops?

You have a three-slot system that appears on the lower corner of the screen. You fill this depending on the enemies you strike in the stage, whether it's a ninja, squirrel, bird or panda. Yes, pandas are surprisingly lethal.

Once you get three in a row - you may have to avoid some enemies to keep this streak going - you'll activate an advanced power-up to push you further in the stage, like a large flying squirrel, a huge bird that flies out of control or our favorite, a Godzilla-like panda that smashes through the village.

It'll take some practice, but getting three in a row will take you a long way through a stage. Good luck.

What can I buy in NinJump Rooftops?

There are a number of collectibles you can unlock. The upgrades enable power-ups to happen more often, or last longer in a game. For instance, extending a shield's time for two hits instead of one, or making things like the Superninja and Coin Magnet appear more often.

You can also unlock new characters, including a female ninja, a pirate ninja and a Dragon Knight costume. They all play about the same, but cosmetically, they make a world of difference.

In-game currency works just fine for unlocking these, but if you're impatient, you can buy more coins or jade coins (which are higher in value) for anywhere from $0.99 to $24.99. It's a fair system, so use it only when you deem it necessary.

What do I use jade coins for in NinJump Rooftops?

Regular coins unlock most of the content, but you'll want to save jade coins for certain things, like a quick revive, which will cost you one coin, or some of the fancier costumes in the game. You'll start with 10, so you won't feel overwhelmed.


How does the NinDrop bonus stage work in NinJump Rooftops?

Think Peggle, but with ninja flavor. Throughout NinJump Rooftops, you'll find these cool NinDrop tokens to collect. Once your run is over, you'll drop them on an obstacle-filled stage, Plinko style, to earn a prize in one of the bins below. Try and collect as many as you can - you might even earn a free revive on the house.

What kind of replay value does NinJump Rooftops have?

Plenty. Each stage has its own challenges to complete, like getting far enough in a run without hitting enemies and scoring multiple power-ups in a row. Doing so will net you extra coins, so try to get as many as you can.

If you prefer to get competitive, you can also login via social media and compete with your friend's high scores as well. Can you beat our time?

NinJump Rooftops - Review | Cheats And Tips

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