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Our guide to grabbing more of those glorious gems.

Pocket God: Ooga Jump - Cheats And Tips | Review

Although it leans very heavily on the concept of the original game, Bolt Creative's Pocket God: Ooga Jump adds enough variety to the mix to make it a worthy sequel. Expect plenty of new and deadly enemies to contend with, plenty of rewards to unlock, and a neat new 'pouncing' mechanic which lets you reach even greater heights.

Looking to become a more powerful Pocket God? Here are all of our essential hints and tips for the game.

How do I deal with enemies in Pocket God: Ooga Jump?

Keep an eye out for road signs that indicate the dangers that lie ahead. The enemies you'll face range from stone dragons that throw razor-sharp pick-axes, to monkeys that will latch onto you and try to take your face off! Keep an eye on what's coming up, so you're prepared to avoid the worst attacks.

How do I deal with spiders in Pocket God: Ooga Jump?

Probably the most dangerous of all the enemies you'll face are the spiders. When you run into these guys, they'll flip around the area upside down, giving you very little time to react before they attack you and cover you in webbing. Always pick up any repellants you come across, as these will help you keep the blighters at bay.

How do I deal with meteorites in Pocket God: Ooga Jump?

Running a close second to those terrible spiders are the meteor attacks which come crashing down on platforms - leaving you with a flat Pocket God if you're not careful. As with all enemies, the key is avoidance. Try to bounce out of the way of danger areas.

How does the pounce maneuver work in Pocket God: Ooga Jump?


This very handy move will help you avoid all manner of attacks in Ooga Jump. By tapping on the screen, you'll be able to leap to a higher platform and evade even the trickiest enemies - even those floating forcefields.

How does the gem currency system in Pocket God: Ooga Jump?

You'll find gems scattered throughout each stage, and the higher the level you reach, the more gems you'll be able to collect. It can take a while to collect all the ones you'll need to unlock new content in the game, but if you keep at it, you'll eventually get there. If you're impatient, you can pick up some bundles from the in-app purchase store, but it's really not necessary - you can unlock everything using the gems you pick up.

What boosts can I use in Pocket God: Ooga Jump?

First up are the Start Boosts, which give you a rocket pack and a handy head-start on a level - these cost 50 gems though. If you want to get even further ahead at the start of a level, you can use the Super and Mega Head-Starts for 100 or 200 gems respectively.

What power-ups are available in Pocket God: Ooga Jump?


As you work your way through the game, you'll be able to access power-ups through Artifacts. The Ant Repellant and Spider Repellant (200 and 100 gems, respectively) are great at keeping those particular foes at bay, although you will pick these up during the course of play too. The Dodo Stopper costs 50 Gems, but the other two should be your priority.

How do I block dragons in Pocket God: Ooga Jump?

These pesky creatures can be stopped in their tracks using the Scythe Blocker - each one will set you back 150 gems, but if you reckon you can make more gems in a run by getting past the enemy, these can represent a very worthwhile investment.

How do I unlock new levels in Pocket God: Ooga Jump?

There are two additional levels you can unlock in the game - Uranus and Underworld. The first one costs 2,000 gems, and the second one 4,000. While both of these represent a sizable chunk of currency, it's worth getting these unlocks out of the way first, as you'll have much more fun unlocking everything else with more areas to play in.

How does multiplayer work in Pocket Gems: Ooga Jump?


If you're signed into GameCenter, you'll be able to see your friends' progress in the game in the form of profile photos and scores. Not only do you get the sweet satisfaction of beating them, you can even bounce off these pictures for a handful of bonus gems - nice!

Pocket God: Ooga Jump - Cheats And Tips | Review

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